The air is getting cooler, the leaves are starting to fall, the prizelists are out, and it’s time to start thinking about what MARM goodies we’re going to read this year. 

Margaret Atwood Reading Month is hosted by me and Naomi at Consumed by Ink, inspired by decades of our reading Margaret Atwood’s words.

From Sunday, November 1st to Monday, November 30th we’ll be reading Margaret Atwood, and we invite you to join in! (And, don’t forget, the 18th is Margaret Atwood’s 81st birthday. We’ll be celebrating with books, quotes, and cake!)

As always, there is so much to choose from: fiction, essays, poems, biographies, graphic novels, children’s books, film and TV. Any or all are up for grabs. As little or as much as you want.

Post about it wherever it is you like to talk about books, and leave a link to your post in a comment below – here or on Naomi’s site. Either on this page, or on one of the posts-yet-to-come.

Or, maybe your heart is set on a particular book, and you’ve been looking forward to it since last November? If you let us know your posting date ahead of the official launch on November 1st, we’ll be sure to include your link in our weekly November posts.

Either way, we will track participants’ posts and collect up all the links and share them at the end of the event. 

Looking for more structure? This year we are preparing a Bingo grid to help guide you, if you choose. We’ll share it up with you mid-October so you can plan your next steps. 

Looking for inspiration? Visit the author’s website, or check out past years’ wrap-up posts: 2018, 2019

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Here’s your chance to try Margaret Atwood for the first time, or re-read your favourite Atwood books, or try out a genre you haven’t before.

Do you usually read fiction? Try some of her essays or poetry. Love graphic novels? Try one of Atwood’s. Are you a kidlit lover? Did you know Margaret Atwood has written several children’s books? Get reading. Fill your boots. (Please direct all comments on this phrase to Naomi! Hee hee) 

See you in November!