It’s hard for me to justify why I’m so keen to read the prizewinners for The Bellwether, when I can actually only strike two books from the list of winners below, but I have read sections of the two earliest prize-winners and I was so smitten with their prose that I made it a Reading Project. Mudbound was one of my Favourites of 2008 and I have a hunch that, when I finally do get around to the others here that they’ll be appearing on Favourite Lists to come.

2000 Donna Gershton’s Kissing the Virgin’s Mouth
2002 Gayle Brandeis’ The Book of Dead Birds
2004 Marjorie Kowalski Cole’s Correcting the Landscape
✔2006 Hilary Jordan’s Mudbound
✔2008 Heidi Durrow’s The Girl Who Fell From the Sky
2010 Naomi Benaron’s Running the Rift
2012 Susan Nussbaum’s Good Kings Bad Kings
2014 Ron Childress And West is West
2016 Lisa Ko The Leavers
2018 Katherine Seligman If You Knew
2020 ?