Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize

2020 ✔Steven Price’s Lampedusa

✔Michael Christie’s Greenwood
✔Nazanine Hazar’s Aria
✔Alix Ohlin’s Dual Citizens
Rhea Tregebov’s Rue des Rosiers

2019 ✔Eden Robinson’s Trickster’s Drift

Amber Dawn Sodom Road Exit
Erin Frances Fisher That Tiny Life
Alex Leslie We All Need to Eat
Kathy Page Dear Evelyn

2018 ✔ David Chariandy’s Brother

Andrea MacPherson What We Once Believed
Zoey Leigh Peterson Next Year, For Sure
Eden Robinson Son of a Trickster
Daniel Zomparelli Everything Is Awful and You’re a Terrible Person

2017 Jennifer Manuel The Heaviness of Things that Float

Joan Haggerty The Dancehall Years
Anosh Irani The Parcel
Ashley Little Niagara Motel
Jen Sookfong Lee The Conjoined

2016 Alix Hawley All True Not a Lie In It

Pauline Holdstock The Hunter and the Wild Girl
Irina Kovalyova Specimen
Nasreen Pejvack Amity
✔Anakana Schofield Martin John

2015 Aislinn Hunter The World Before Us

Caroline Adderson Ellen in Pieces
Kathy Page Paradise & Elsewhere
Brian Payton The Wind is Not a River
Michael Springate The Beautiful West & The Beloved of God

2014 Ashley Little Anatomy of a Girl Gang

Théodora Armstrong Clear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility
Janie Chang Three Souls
Cynthia Flood Red Girl Rat Boy
Kathryn Para Lucky

2013 Bill Gaston The World

C. P. Boyko Psychology and Other Stories
Anne Fleming Gay Dwarves of America
✔Anakana Schofield Malarky
Yasuko Thanh Floating Like the Dead

2012Esi Edugyan Half-Blood Blues

Michael Christie The Beggar’s Garden
Steven Price Into the Darkness
D. W. Wilson Once You Break a Knuckle
Frances Greenslade Shelter

2011 Gurjinder Basran Everything Was Good-Bye

Rifet Bahtijaragic Chernovs Toil and Peace
Jack Hodgins The Master of Happy Endings
Meredith Quartermain Recipes from the Red Planet
Jack Whyte The Forest Laird: A Tale of William Wallace

2010 Cathleen With Having Faith in the Polar Girls’ Prison

Annabel Lyon The Golden Mean
Michael Turner 8 x 10
Ian Weir Daniel O’Thunder
Deborah Willis Vanishing and Other Stories

2009 Lee Henderson The Man Game

Steven Galloway The Cellist of Sarajevo
Paul Headrick That Tune Clutches My Heart
Patrick Lane Red Dog, Red Dog
Andreas Schroeder Renovating Heaven

2008 Mary Novik Conceit

Heather Burt Adam’s Peak
David Chariandy Soucouyant
✔Shaena Lambert Radiance
Claire Mulligan The Reckoning of Boston Jim

2006 ✔Charlotte Gill Ladykiller

Clint Burnham Smoke Show
Lydia Kwa The Walking Boy
John Lent So It Won’t Go Away
Audrey Thomas Tattycoram

2005 Pauline Holdstock Beyond Measure

Bill Gaston, Sointula
Theresa Kishkan, A Man in a Distant Field
Annabel Lyon, The Best Thing for You
Patrick Taylor, The Apprenticeship of Dr. Laverty

2004 ✔Caroline Adderson Sitting Practice

✔Claudia Casper, The Continuation of Love by Other Means
Steven Galloway, Ascension
Kevin Patterson, Country of Cold
Janet Warner, Other Sorrows, Other Joys

2003 ✔Carol Shields Unless

Kevin Armstrong, Nightwatch
Bill Gaston, Mount Appetite
Nancy Lee, Dead Girls
Gayla Reid, Closer Apart

2002 Madeleine Thien Simple Recipes

Rebecca Godfrey, The Torn Skirt
Andrew Gray, Small Accidents
Gayla Reid, All the Seas of the World
✔Timothy Taylor, Stanley Park

2001 ✔Eden Robinson Monkey Beach

✔Anita Rau Badami, The Hero’s Walk
Barbara Lambert, A Message for Mr. Lazarus
Peter Trower, The Judas Hills
Jack Whyte, Uther

2000 Michael Turner The Pornographer’s Poem

✔Caroline Adderson, A History of Forgetting
✔Zsuzsi Gartner, All the Anxious Girls on Earth
Keith Harrison, Furry Creek
Alan R. Wilson, Before the Flood

1999 Jack Hodgins Broken Ground

Loranne Brown, The Handless Maiden
✔Anne Fleming, Pool-Hopping and Other Stories

1998 Marilyn Bowering Visible Worlds

Sally Ireland, Fox’s Nose
✔Holley Rubinsky, At First I Hope for Rescue

1997 ✔Gail Anderson-Dargatz The Cure for Death by Lightning

Nick Bantock, The Venetian’s Wife
✔Shani Mootoo, Cereus Blooms at Night

1996 Audrey Thomas Coming Down from Wa

Joy Kogawa, Rain Ascends
Lorraine Vernon, Through the Canyon

1995 Gayla Reid To Be There with You

Grant Buday, Under Glass
Patricia Robertson, City of Orphans

1994 ✔Caroline Adderson Bad Imaginings

Keith Maillard, Light in the Company of Women
Carol Windley, Visible Light

1993 W.D. Valgardson The Girl with the Botticelli Face

J. A. Hamilton, July Nights and Other Stories
✔Linda Svendsen, Marine Life

1992 Don Dickinson Blue Husbands

M.A.C. Farrant, Sick Pigeon
Maureen Moore, The Illuminations of Alice Mallory

1991Audrety Thomas The Wild Blue Yonder

Sky Lee, Disappearing Moon Cafe
Caroline Woodward, Disturbing the Peace

1990 Keith Maillard Motet

Marilyn Bowering, To All Appearances a Lady
Jane Rule, After the Fire

1989 Bill Schermbrucker Mimosa

William Goede, Love In Beijing
Robert Harlow, Saxophone Winter

1988 George McWhirter Cage

Jane Rule, Memory Board
Robin Skelton, The Parrot Who Could

1987 ✔Leona Gom Housebroken

✔Paulette Jiles Sitting in the Club Car Drinking Rum and Karma Kola
Rona Murray, The Indigo Dress and Other Stories

1986 Keath Fraser Foreign Affairs

Brian Fawcett, The Secret Journal of Alexander Mackenzie
George Ryga, In the Shadow of the Vulture
✔L. R. Wright, The Suspect

1985 Audrey Thomas Intertidal Life

Mary Ellen Collura, Winners
Charles Lillard, A Coastal Range