I read 64 books last year, more than a book a week, which is thanks to a lengthy commute, and no thanks to the myriad of responsibilities that absorb hours that might, otherwise, be filled with books, books and more books; I would like to read “more”, overall, though. Basically I just want to make sure that my commutes are filled with more books and less staring-into-space and, so far, 2010’s reads are stacking up nicely.

Note: I completed this challenge in May 2010, which was a complete shock to me really. If you’re curious to see what books accumulated in my log for this reading year, please follow the tabs at the top of the page. I’d link to them, but some freaky WordPress bug keeps forcing me to repost those pages repeatedly (a new permalink each time).  ::sigh:: See, this kind of nonsense is why I would rather be reading…most of the time!