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As with the Maybe-Not-Quite-So-Independent Canada Reads, CBC’s Canada Reads, there are five titles in this group and, I’ve read some of them already. I really enjoyed them at the time, so if there’s enough reading time this month, I’d love to re-read Carrie Snyder’s Hair Hat and Rebecca Onstad’s How Happy to Be. But, if there’s not, I might end up just reading the remaining three titles: Martha Ostenso’s Wild Geese, Ray Robertson’s Moody Food, and Ray Smith’s Century. It’s not that I don’t love re-reading — I do — but I started into 2010 planning to re-read the official Canada Reads titles that I’d already read and that laid claim to precious reading hours before I discovered the Indie version of this show at Pickle Me This.

Notes after completing the challenge: I’d really wanted to read Martha Ostenso’s novel and to try some of Ray Robertson’s work, so this was a great excuse to do so. And even though I really did find Ray Smith’s novel a Challenge, I’m glad to have read it and truly love the idea of discovering and re-discovering Canadian classics (or works that — perhaps — should have been classics).