I intuitively gravitate towards Canlit. A third of the books I read this year have been penned by Canadian writers and I’m aiming to be an Igloo for The Canadian Book Challenge. Not only does that feel suitably wintry (and I’m writing this on a wintry Canadian afternoon, the sky the colour of tin and snowflakes cascading past the window like they’re auditioning for a Christmas Eve TV special). But I want to focus on a single writer and with Ethel Wilson’s 6 books and 4 related works, that’s my total sum.

Ethel Wilson Reads for 2010
Hetty Dorval (1947)
The Innocent Traveller (1949)
The Equations of Love (1952)
Swamp Angel (1954)
Love and Salt Water (1956)
Mrs. Golightly and Other Stories (1961)
Ethel Wilson: Stories, Essays and Letters (1985)
Ethel Wilson by Desmond Pacey
The Other Side of Silence: A Life of Ethel Wilson by Mary McAlpine
Ethel Wilson: A Critical Biography by David Stouck