This, like the 1930s Mini-Challenge, was more like an invitation than a Challenge because I’ve been wanting to read more du Maurier for a couple of years now. The Challenge in this was whether or not I could be reasonable about my reader’s expectations, because I have about 10 of her books (mostly vintage Penguin pocketbooks that I picked up last winter) all begging for attention.

The Challenge runs from May 13, 2010 to April 19, 2011, so I figured that opting for the Dame Daphne combo package (which allows for short stories, novels, books and/or films) was a safe bet. And, in the meantime, I can hope that I will manage more. I’ve only read two novels and one biography (by Margaret Forster), so I’ve got lots of great options. I’d love to hear if you have particular favourites.

Short Fiction
The Birds and Other Stories (1963) (republication of The Apple Tree[16])

Rebecca (1938)
Frenchman’s Creek (1941)
The Flight of the Falcon (1965)

Rebecca (1940)
The Birds (1963)