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Does it sound simply wonderful: Paris in July? How could a reader resist? How could anyone resist?

I quite enjoyed Cara Black’s first novel, Murder in the Marais (1998), in which readers first meet Aimée Léduc, a female private investigator working in Paris.

That first in the series was nominated for an Anthony Award for Best First Novel (1998) and I most enjoyed the links between past and present (she was investigating warcrimes with connections to the 1940s that are still relevant to contemporary atrocities).

But, honestly, I don’t remember much else, which is partly why I want to revisit the series, to determine if I want to follow along with it (apparently there are ten books now).

So I’m planning to read Murder in Belleville (2000); there is a very short excerpt from it here and I am really looking forward to Paris In July.

(Of course I’d like to imagine that I’ll be reading many more of the series as well, but I’m only promising one Paris-soaked read.)

Completed July 2010