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I originally committed to reading 15 books for this challenge. At the time, alongside other personal reading goals posted in dozens, 15 seemed like a challenge.

But I realized — only halfway through January — that I was going to reach that target very quickly, so I decided to try to make it 15 authors who were new-to-me, which makes it a little more of a challenge.

New-to-me Authors:
1. Sarah Leavitt’s Tangles (2010)
2. Billeh Nickerson’s McPoems (2010)
3. Stacey May Fowles’ Be Good (2007)
4. Darren Greer’s Still Life with June (2003)
5. Anthony Bidulka’s Amuse Bouche (Russell Quant #1, 2003)
6. Kathleen Winter’s Annabel (2010)
7. Tomson Highway’s Kiss of the Fur Queen(1998)
8. Farzana Doctor’s Stealing Nasreen (2007)
9. Suzette Mayr’s Monoceros(2011)
10. Daniel Allen Cox Krakow Melt (2010)
11. Tanya Davis’ At First, Lonely (2011)
12. Ivan Coyote’s Missed Her(2010)Already-favourite authors:
1. Rose Tremain’s Sacred Country (1992)
2. Timothy Findley’s Spadework (2005)
3. Banana Yoshimoto’s The Lake (2005; 2011 Trans. Michael Emmerich)
So I did make it to my 15, but that included 3 well-known and well-loved authors.