Towards the end of 2012, I was overwhelmed by the idea of being just one indie-minded reader in a literary world dominated by mega-publishers and mega-retailers, unsure how to affect change, how to respond to the sense of despair swelling within my reading heart and mind.

Small AList HOA with bagI decided that making a change, even just One Reader at a Time, was still making a change (which made me much happier), and those new thoughts culminated in a new reading project: Fiercely Reading Indie: House of Anansi, 45.

So, for the next 45 days, I read from the House of Anansi catalogue, including their Groundwood and Granta books. And even though I had expected to find lots of great reading in those 45 days, I was truly amazed by the breadth of the content and the consistent quality. In short, soooo much great reading! (HOA celebrated their 45th anniversary in 2012.)

Lives of Girls and Women:

Trains and rail:


Puppy Love ScheunemannColours:

Life’s Questions:

Rawi Hage's CockroachShort fiction:


Myths and stories: