If you think you don’t enjoy reading short stories, try Mavis Gallant’s advice:

“Stories are not chapters of novels. They should not be read one after another, as if they were meant to follow along. Read one. Shut the book. Read something else. Come back later. Stories can wait.”

When I started to read stories like this, I finally began to enjoy them.

Now, if I allow too much time pass without reading a short story, it’s like allowing too much time to pass between rich desserts. Eventually, I must have one.

I collect thoughts about my short story reading regularly, both here on BIP and on Pinterest.

Often I cover collections in depth, devoting an entire post to a collection, or, even, to a single story (often the case with my Alice Munro and Mavis Gallant reading projects).

But sometimes I gather my thoughts in quarterly posts, like these:
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Here are some links to some of the literary prizes awarded to the form.:
Commonwealth Short Story Prize / Danuta Gleed Literary Award / Frank O’Connor Award / Journey Prize / Story Prize / Rea Award

You don’t love every novel you read either, so take some time and explore and sample and see what kinds of stories you enjoy!