I re-read/completed some children’s series this year as well, including:

Beverly Cleary’s Ramona series
(Ramona and Her Father (Illus. Alan Tiegreen) 1975; Ramona and Her Mother (Illus. Alan Tiegreen) 1979; Ramona Forever 1984; Ramona Quimby, Age 8 1981; Ramona the Brave (Illus.Alan Tiegreen) 1975; Ramona the Pest (Illus. Louis Darling) 1968; Ramona’s World 1999)

Jeff Smith’s Bone series
(including, in order, Rose 2002; Out from Boneville 1991; The Great Cow RaceEyes of the Storm 1994; The Dragonslayer 1995; Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border 1997; Old Man’s Cave 1998; Ghost Circles 2000; The Treasure Hunters 2001; Crown Of Horns; Tall Tales 2010; Bone Handbook 2010)

Sydney Taylor’s The All-of-a-Kind Family series
(including All-of-a-Kind-Family 1951; All-of-a-Kind-Family Downtown 1972; All-of-a-Kind-Family Uptown 1958; Ella of All-of-a-Kind Family 1978; More All-of-a-Kind Family 1954)

And here’s the rest of it:

Abdou Angie The Bone Cage 2007
Abouet Marguerite Aya de Yopougon 1 (Illus. Clement Oubrerie) 2005
Abouet Marguerite Aya de Yopougon 2 (Illus. Clement Oubrerie) 2008
Aboulela Leila Lyrics Alley 2010
Alcott Louisa May Little Women and Good Wives; Little Men 1868-71
Alcott Louisa May Jo’s Boys 1886
Angelou Maya I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 1969
Atwood Margaret The Handmaid’s Tale 1986
Badami Anita Rau Tamarind Mem 1996
Badoe Adwoa Between Sisters 2010
Badoe Adwoa The Pot of Wisdom 2001
Bezmozgis David The Free World 2010
Bidulka Anthony Amuse Bouche 2003
Birch Carol Jamrach’s Menagerie 2011
Blaise Clark The Meagre Tarmac 2011
Boggs Belle Mattaponi Queen 2010
Bray Libba A Great and Terrible Beauty 2003
Bronsky Alina Broken Glass Park 2008
Brookner Anita A Start in Life 1981
Burgess Tony Ravenna Gets 2010
Cameron Elspeth And Beauty Answers 2007
Carroll Sean B. Remarkable Creatures 2009
Christie Michael The Beggar’s Garden 2011
Clarke George Elliott Whylah Falls 1990
Cleary Beverly Dear Mr. Henshaw 1983
Coady Lynn Play the Monster Blind 2000
Coady Lynn The Antagonist 2011
Comeau Joey One Bloody Thing after Another 2010
Comeau Joey Overqualified 2009
Comyns Barbara Sisters by a River 1947
Coolidge Susan M. What Katy Did 1872
Coolidge Susan M. What Katy Did at School 1873
Coolidge Susan M. What Katy Did Next 1886
Cooper Lettice The New House 1936
Cox Daniel Allen Krakow Melt 2010
Coytoe Ivan Missed Her 2010
Davis Tanya At First, Lonely 2011
Dereske Jo Bookmarked to Die 2006
Deutsch Barry Hereville 2010
deWitt Patrick The Sisters Brothers 2011
Dickens Charles Great Expectations 1861
Dickens Monica The House at World’s End 1970
Dickens Monica Summer at World’s End 1971
Dickens Monica World’s End in Winter 1972
Dickens Monica Spring Comes to World’s End  1973
Divakaruni Chitra One Amazing Thing 2010
Doctor Farzana Stealing Nasreen 2007
Doshi Tishani The Pleasure Seekers 2010
Doughty Louise Whatever You Love 2010
Drabble Margaret The Garrick Year 1964
Draper Sharon Tears of a Tiger 1994
Eager Edward Half Magic 1954
Eager Edward Magic by the Lake 1957
Edstrom Vivi Astrid Lindgren: A Critical Study 1992
Edugyan Esi Half-Blood Blues 2011
Egan Jennifer A Visit from the Goon Squad 2010
Endicott Marina The Little Shadows 2011
English Isobel Every Eye 1956
Fabre Dominique The Waitress Was New Trans. Jordan Stump 2005
Fallis Terry The Best Laid Plans 2007
Findley Timothy Spadework 2005
Fitzgerald James What Disturbs Our Blood 2010
Fowles Stacey May Be Good 2007
Gallant Mavis Home Truths 1981
Gartner Zsuzsi Better Living through Plastic Explosives 2011
Gavalda Anna Je l’aimais 2002
Gerson Carole & Gwendolyn Davies Canadian Poetry 1994
Gopnik Adam Winter 2011
Gornick Vivian The Situation and the Story 2001
Gray Charlotte The Museum Called Canada 2004
Greer Darren Still Life with June 2003
Griggs Terry The Silver Door 2004
Griggs Terry Invisible Ink 2006
Gripe Maria Josephine (Trans. Paul Britten Austin, Illus. Harald Gripe) 1961
Gripe Maria Hugo and Josephine (Trans. Paul Britten Austin, Illus. Harald Gripe) 1962
Gripe Maria Hugo (Trans. Paul Britten Austin, Illus. Harald Gripe) 1966
Gunn Genni Solitaria 2010
Hadley Tessa The London Train 2011
Hanff Helene 84 Charing Cross Road 1970
Harbach Chad The Art of Fielding 2011
Harris Amy Lavender Imagining Toronto 2010
Harris Charlaine Dead Until Dark 2001
Harris Charlaine Living Dead in Dallas 2002
Harris Charlaine Club Dead 2003
Harris Charlaine Dead to the World 2004
Harris Alexandra Romantic Moderns 2010
Henderson Emma Grace Williams Says It Loud 2010
Highway Tomson Kiss of the Fur Queen 1998
Hoffman Alice The Dovekeepers 2011
Holdstock Pauline Into the Heart of the Country 2011
Horlock Mary The Book of Lies 2011
Hunt Samantha The Seas 2004
Jekyll Agnes Kitchen Essays 1922
Jennings Sharon Home Free 2009
Johnston Wayne A World Elsewhere 2011
Kavenna Joanna The Birth of Love 2010
King Thomas Truth and Bright Water 2000
King James Etienne’s Alphabet 2010
Kirkman Robert The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone 13 2010
Kirkman Robert The Walking Dead: No Way Out 14 2011
Krauss Nicole Great House 2010
Kroetsch Robert What the Crow Said 1978
Laferriere Dany The Return (Trans. David Homel 2011) 2009
Lahiri Jhumpa The Namesake 2003
Law-Yone Wendy The Road to Wanting 2010
Leavitt Sarah Tangles 2010
Leegant Joan Wherever You Go 2010
Leenders Gordon j.h. To Be Continued Volume 1 2005
Lemire Jeff Essex County, Complete 2009
Lindgren Astrid Pippi Goes on Board 1957
Lindgren Astrid Pippi in the South Seas 1959
Lockhart E. The Disputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks 2008
Lowry Lois The Giver 1993
Lowry Lois Gathering Blue 2000
Lowry Lois Messenger 2004
Maharaj Rabindranath The Amazing Absorbing Boy 2010
Mankell Henning The Pyramid (Trans. Ebba Segerberg and Laurie Thompson) 1999
Mankell Henning Faceless Killers (Trans. Steven T. Murray, 1997) 1991
Marcone Massimo Acquired Tastes 2010
Mayr Suzette Monoceros 2011
Mazur Grace Dane Hinges 2010
McCarthy Doris Ninety Years Wise 2004
McQuarrie John Toronto, Then & Now 2000
Micallef Shawn Stroll 2010
Michaels F.S. Monoculture 2011
Mitchell Margaret Gone with the Wind 1936
Moore Brian The Luck of Ginger Coffey 1960
Moorehead Caroline A Train in Winter 2011
Munro Alice Dance of the Happy Shades 1968
Munro Alice Lives of Girls and Women 1971
Munro Alice Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You 1974
Nasar Sylvia Grand Pursuit 2011
Nickerson Billeh McPoems 2010
Niffenegger Audrey The Night Bookmobile 2010
Norton Mary The Borrowers 1953
Norton Mary The Borrowers Afield 1955
Norton Mary The Borrowers Afloat 1959
Norton Mary The Borrowers Aloft (and Poor Stainless, 1966) 1961
Norton Mary The Borrowers Avenged 1982
Obreht Téa The Tiger’s Wife 2010
Off Carol Bitter Chocolate 2006
Ondaatje Michael In the Skin of a Lion 1987
Ondaatje Michael The Cat’s Table 2011
Peile Anne Repeat It Today with Tears 2010
Penny Louise Dead Cold 2006
Penny Louise The Cruellest Month 2007
Randall Alice The Wind Done Gone 2001
Roberson Chris & Michael Allred iZombie: Dead to the World 2010
Ruddock Nicholas The Parabolist 2010
Russell Karen Swamplandia! 2011
Russell Harriet Envelopes 2005
Schiffer Vivienne Camp Nine 2011
Seelig Adam Every Day in the Morning (Slow) 2010
Selecky Sarah This Cake is for the Party 2010
Shoneyin Lola The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives 2010
Sikoryak Robert Masterpiece Comics 2009
Simpson Helen Four Bare Legs in a Bed 1990
Smiley Jane Charles Dickens 2002
Smith Rick & Bruce Lourie Slow Death by Rubber Duck 2009
Smith Lee Christmas Letters 1996
Staikos Andreas Les Liaisons Culinaires (Trans. Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife Illus. Jeff Fisher) 1997
Steffler John The Afterlife of George Cartwright 1992
Stellings Caroline The Contest 2010
Tan Shaun The Arrival 2007
Tchana Katrin Hyman Changing Woman and Her Sisters 2006
Tearne Roma The Swimmer 2010
Thornton Rosy The Tapestry of Love 2010
Thornton Rosy More than Love Letters 2006
Tobin Jacqueline L. with Hettie Jones From Midnight to Dawn 2007
Tolkien J.R.R. The Father Christmas Letters 1976
Townsend Sue The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4  1982
Tremain Rose Sacred Country 1992
Urquhart Jane The Whirlpool 1986
Urquhart Jane Away 1993
Urquhart Jane Sanctuary Line 2010
Vanderhaeghe Guy A Good Man 2011
Vida Vendela The Lovers 2010
Viorst Judith It’s Hard to Be Hip over Thirty and Other Tragedies of Married Life 1968
Vyeta Dan The Quiet Twin 2011
Walker Alice The Color Purple 1983
Watson S.J. Before I Go to Sleep 2011
Webster Jean Daddy-Long-Legs 1912
Wharton Thomas Icefields 1995
Wharton Edith The Custom of the Country 1913
Wiebe Catherine M.A. Second Rising 2009
Williams Ian You Know Who You Are 2010
Williamson Ronald F. Toronto 2008
Willingham Bill Fables: Legends in Exile (1) 2002
Winter Kathleen Annabel 2010
Wiwa Ken In the Shadow of a Saint 2000
York Alissa Fauna 2010
Yoshimoto Banana The Lake(Trans. Michael Emmerich) 2005
Zentner Alexi Touch 2011
Ziegelman Jane 97  Orchard 2009