Author’s Last Author’s First Title Orig. Pub. Date Translator
Abdou Angie The Canterbury Trail 2011
Adebayo Ayobami Stay With Me 2017
Agg Jen I Hear She’s A Real Bitch 2017
Alexie Sherman You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me 2017
Angelou Maya I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 1969
Angelou Maya Gather Together in My Name 1974
Angelou Maya Singin and Swingin and Gettin Merry Like Christmas 1976
Angelou Maya The Heart of a Woman 1981
Angelou Maya All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes 1986
Assiniwi Bernard The Beothuk Saga 1996 Wayne Grady
Bailey Chris The Productivity Project 2016
Baker Carleign Bad Endings 2017
Bambara Toni Cade The Sea Birds Are Still Alive 1977
Bambara Toni Cade Gorilla, My Love 1972
Barzak Christopher One for Sorrow 2007
Beagle Peter Tamsin 1999
Bishop Jacqueline The Gymnast and Other Positions 2015
Bitek Juliane Okot 100 Days 2016
Bordeleau Virginia Pesemapeo Winter Child 2014 Susan Ouriou and Christelle Morelli
Bowen Richard Mei Mei Little Sister 2005
Boyagoda Commodore Ajith with Sunila Galappatti A Long Watch 2016
Boyden Joseph Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont 2010
Brown Kate Dispatches from Dystopia 2015
Brown Chester Louis Riel: A Comic Strip Biography 2003
Burnett Dean The Idiot Brain 2016
Byrd Ayana D. and Lori L. Tharps Hair Story 2001
Cameron Claire The Last Neanderthal 2017
Casper Claudia The Mercy Journals 2016
Chariandry David Brother 2017
Chow Lauralyn Paper Teeth 2016
Choy Wayson Not Yet 2009
Claire Celine Shelter 2017
Clark Robert Down Inside 2017
Clarke George Elliot Canticles 1 2016
Cole Teju Every Day is for the Thief 2007
Cortazar Julio Blow-Up and Other Stories 1963 Paul Blackburn
Coyote Ivan Tomboy Survival Guide 2016
Creech Sharon Chasing Redbird 1997
Crozier Lorna What the Soul Doesn’t Want 2017
Cusk Rachel The Lucky Ones 2003
Cusk Rachel Outline 2014
Cusk Rachel Transit 2017
Dangarembga Tsitsi Nervous Conditions 1988
Danticat Edwidge Krik?Krak! 1996
Davies Robertson Tempest-Tost 1951
Davis Ronald H. Qigong Through the Seasons 2015
de la Roche Mazo The Building of Jalna 1956
Demchuk David The Bone Mother 2017
Dickens Charles Bleak House 1853
Dimaline Cherie The Marrow Thieves 2017
Dumont Marilyn A Really Good Brown Girl 1996
Dumont Marilyn Green Girl Dreams Mountains 2001
Dumont Marilyn That Tongued Belonging 2007
Dumont Marilyn The Pemmican Eaters 2015
Dunn Sarah The Arrangement 2017
Ebadi Shirin Until We Are Free 2016
Endicott Marina New Year’s Eve 2011
Engel Marian No Clouds of Glory 1968
Erdrich Louise Tracks 1988
Erdrich Louise Books and Islands in Ojibwe Country 2003
Erdrich Louise Four Souls 2004
Erdrich Louise Love Medicine 1984
Erdrich Louise The Birchbark House 1999
Farsad Negin How to Make White People Laugh 2016
Fine Cordelia Delusions of Gender 2010
Fournier jean-Louis Veuf 2013
Gaines Ernest J. A Long Day in November 1971
Galchus Rita Homegrown Sprouts 2013
Gallant Mavis The Other Paris 1986
Gay Roxane An Untamed State 2014
Gay Roxane with Ta-Nehisis Coates World of Wakanda 2017
Gendreau Vickie Testament 2016 Aimee Wall
Godden Rumer The Story of Holly and Ivy 1959
Godden Rumer Mouse House 1968
Godden Rumer The Greengage Summer 1958
Gowdy Barbara Little Sister 2017
Grafton Sue D is for Deadbeat 1987
Griffin Daniel Two Roads Home 2017
Griggs Terry The Discovery of Honey 2017
Harvey Matthea Modern Life 2007
Haupt Lyanda Lynn The Urban Bestiary 2013
Hernandez Catherine Scarborough 2017
Highway Tomson The Rez Sisters 1988
Holtz Nairne Femme Confidential 2017
Huggan Isabel Belonging 2003
Hurston Zora Neale Dust Tracks on the Road 1942
Hynes Joel Thomas We’ll All Be Burnt In Our Beds Some Night 2017
Irving John A Prayer for Owen Meany 1989
Jaronczyk Kasia and Matgorzata Nowaczyk Polish (ed) 2017
Jemisin N.K. The Kingdom of Gods 2011
Johnson Harold R. Firewater 2016
Jolly B. Denham In the Black 2017
Julavits Heidi The Folded Clock 2015
Kaan Michael The Water Beetles 2017
Kaling Mindy Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and Other Concerns)? 2011
Kastner Erich Emil and the Detectives 1929 May Massee
Kastner Erich Lottie and Lisa 1950 Cyrus Brooks
King Thomas The Back of the Turtle 2014
Kipling Rudyard Kim 1900
Koul Scaachi One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of this Will Matter 2017
Lasky Kathryn and Meribah Knight Searching for Laura Ingalls 1993
Laurence Margaret The Tomorrow-Tamer 1963
Laurence Margaret The Diviners 1974
Liew Sonny The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye 2015
Lim Ann-Margaret Kingston Buttercup 2016
Lopes Angela Bridge Retakes 2017
Lord Bette Bao In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson 1984
Lord Bette Bao Legacies 1990
Lord Karen Redemption in Indigo 2010
Lord Bette Bao The Middle Heart 1996
Lorinc John Et al. How Toronto Got Queer 2017
Lowry Malcolm Under the Volcano 1947
Lynch Patricia The Bookshop on the Quay 1956
Maclear Kyo Birds Art Life 2017
MacPherson Andrea What We Once Believed 2017
Manguso Sarah 300 Arguments 2017
Marias Javier Written Lives 1999 Trans. Margaret Jull Costa
Marshall Paule Triangular Road 2009
Martini Clem and Oliver The Unravelling 2017
Maskalyk James Life on the Ground Floor 2017
Mayr Suzette Dr. Edith Vane and the Hares of Crawley Hall 2017
McCann Colum Leters to a Young Writer 2017
McEwan Ian The Children Act 2014
McGregor Jon If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things 2002
McInerney Lisa The Glorious Heresies 2015
McInerney Lisa The Blood Miracles 2017
McNulty Lori Life on Mars 2017
Metcalf John Standing Stones 2004
Michaud Andree A. Boundary 2014 Donald Winkler
Millar Margaret Collected Millar: The Master at Her Zenith various
Millar Margaret Collected Millar: Legendary Novels of Suspense various
Mitchell David Cloud Atlas 2004
Mitchell David Black Swan Green 2006
Mitchell David The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet 2010
Momaday N. Scott House Made of Dawn 1966
Montgomery L.M.M. The Blythes are Quoted 2009
Montgomery L.M. Emily of New Moon 1923
Montgomery L.M. Emily Climbs 1925
Montgomery L.M. Emily’s Quest 1927
Moore Candace Namaslay 2016
Morrison Toni Beloved 1987
Morrison Toni Jazz 1992
Mosley Walter Known to Evil 2010
Motion 40Dayz 2008
Mowat Farley Lost in the Barrens 1956
Murdoch Iris Under the Net 1954
Novakovich Josip Tumbleweed 2017
Novik Naomi His Majesty’s Dragon 2006
Novik Naomi Throne of Jade 2006
Novik Naomi Black Powder War 2006
Novik Naomi Empire of Ivory 2007
Novik Naomi Victory of Eagles 2008
Novik Naomi Tongues of Serpents 2010
Novik Naomi Crucible of Gold 2012
Novik Naomi Blood of Tyrants 2013
Novik Naomi League of Dragons 2016
O’Brien Kate Without My Cloak 1931
O’Louglin Ed Minds of Winter 2017
Omotoso Yewanda The Woman Next Door 2016
Ondaatje Michael Coming through Slaughter 1976
Orner Peter Am I Alone Here? 2016
Orner Peter Esther Stories 2001
Parr Jocelyn Uncertain Weights & Measures 2017
Patchett Ann This is the story of a happy marriage 2013
Paul Pamela My Life with Bob 2017
Pearlman Edith How to Fall 2005
Perec Georges The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise 1968 David Bellos
Peterson Zoey Leigh Next Year For Sure 2017
Piercy Marge Braided Lives 1982
Pinney Susanna, Ed. I’ll Stand By You 1998
Plath Sylvia The Unabridged Journals (Ed. Karen V. Kukil) 2000
Pym Barbara Quartet in Autumn 1977
Quinonez Ernesto Bodega Dreams 2000
Redhill Michael Bellevue Square 2017
Richards David Adams Hope in the Desperate Hour 1996
Ridgway Keith Hawthorn & Child 2012
Robinson Eden Son of a Trickster 2017
Roche Mazo de la Morning at Jalna 1960
Roche Mazo de la Ringing the Changes 1957
Roche Mazo de la Mary Wakefield 1949
Roche Mazo de la Young Renny 1935
Roche Mazo de la Whiteoak Heritage 1940
Roche Mazo de la The Whiteoak Brothers 1954
Rosoff Meg How I Live Now 2004
Sackville-West Vita The Easter Party 1953
Saunders George Lincoln in the Bardo 2017
Schofield Anakana Malarky 2012
Scofield Gregory Louis: The Heretic Poems 2011
Scofield Gregory Thunder Through My Veins 1999
Scofield Gregory Witness, I Am 2016
Scofield Gregory Love Medicine and One Song 1997
Sellars Bev They Called Me Number One 2015
Sharif Solmaz Look 2016
Sharp Margery The Rescuers 1959
Sharp Margery Miss Bianca 1962
Sharp Margery The Turret 1964
Shields Carol Unless 2002
Simpson Leanne Betasamosake This Accident of Being Lost 2017
Smiley Jane The Golden Age 2016
Smith Zadie NW 2012
Smith Tracy K. Life on Mars 2011
Smith Betty A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1944
Spears Heather Required Reading 2000
Stephens Ransom The Left Brain Speaks The Right Brain Laughs 2016
Stevenson Noelle and Grace Ellis Beware the Kitten Holy  2015
Stevenson Noelle and Grace Ellis Friendship to the Max 2015
Stevenson Noelle and Grace Ellis A Terrible Plan 2016
Stevenson Noelle and Grace Ellis Out of Time 2016
Talaga Tanya Seven Fallen Feathers 2017
Taylor Drew Hayden Me Funny 2006
Tennant Veronica On Stage, Please 1977
Thiong’o Ngugi Wa Dreams in a Time of War 2010
Thurston Baratunde How To Be Black 2012
Tobar Hector Deep Down Dark 2014
Tong Nyuol Lueth There Is a Country: New Fiction from the New Nation South Sudan 2013
Truong Marcelino Such a Lovely Little War 2016 David Homel
Tyler Anne Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant 1982
Unwin Peter Searching for Petronius Totem 2017
Van Booy Simon The Illusion of Separateness 2013
VanderMeer Jeff Wonderbook 2013
Various Our Story 2004
Vaughan Brian K. Saga: Volume One 2013
Vaughan Brian K. Saga: Volume Two 2013
Vaughan Brian K. Saga: Volume Three 2014
Vaughan Brian K. Saga: Volume Four 2014
Vaughan Brian K. Saga: Volume Five 2015
Vaughan Brian K. Saga: Volume Six 2016
Vaughan Brian K. Saga: Volume Seven 2016
Vera Yvonne, Ed Opening Spaces 1999
Vine Barbara The Minotaur 2005
Vuong Ocean Night Sky with Exit Wounds 2016
Walcott Derek Morning, Paramin 2016
Walter Jess Beautiful Ruins 2012
Walzer, Ed Craig Out of Exile (South Sudan) 2008
Ward Jesmyn Sing Unburied Sing 2017
Watt Alison Dazzle Patterns 2017
Watt-Cloutier Sheila The Right to Be Cold 2015
Welling Tina Writing Wild 2014
Wharton Edith The Reef 1912
White T.H. The Sword and the Stone 1963
Whitehead Colson The Underground Railroad 2016
Whitley Jeremy Princeless 2012
Whitley Jeremy Princeless: Get Over Yourself 2013
Wilder Laura Ingalls Dear Laura 1996
Wilder Thornton The Bridge of San Luis Rey 1927
Williams Michelle I Am a Truck 2016
Willis Deborah The Dark and Other Love Stories 2017
Wong P.P. The Life of a Banana 2014
Wood James The Nearest Thing to Life 2015
Yanique Tiphanie Wife 2015