Author’s Last Author’s First Title Orig. Pub. Date Translator
Abdou Angie In Case I Go 2017
Abdou Angie Home Ice 2018
Addison Katherine The Goblin Emperor 2015
Adler H.G. Panorama 1968 Peter Filkins
Al Aswany Alaa The Automobile Club of Egypt 2013 Russell Harris
Alexander Michelle The New Jim Crow (Revised Edition) 2010
Alexis Andre The Hidden Keys 2016
Ali Monica In the Kitchen 2009
Allen Jessica The Book of Books 2018
Anam Tahmima A Golden Age 2007
Andersen Sarah Big Mushy Lump 2017
Andersen Sarah Herding Cats 2018
Anderson  Sarah Adulthood is a Myth 2016
Anderson R.J. A Pocket Full of Murder 2015
Anderson William Laura Ingalls Wilder Country 1990
Angelou Maya A Song Flung up to Heaven 2002
Angelou Maya Mom & Me & Mom 2013
Appelfeld Aharon The Retreat 1984 Dalya Bilu
Arthur Elizabeth Antarctic Navigation 1994
Atwood Margaret Power Politics 1971
Atwood Margaret The Burgess Shale 2017
Atwood Margaret The Penelopiad 2007
Atwood Margaret Life before Man 1979
Auster Paul 4321 2017
Avallone Silvia Swimming to Elba 2010 Antony Shugaar
Baker Jo Longbourn 2013
Bala Sharon The Boat People 2018
Barclay Linwood No Safe House 2014
Baricco Alessandro Silk 1997 Guido Waldman
Barnes Julian The Sense of an Ending 2011
Beatty Paul The Sellout 2015
Bennett Brit The Mothers 2016
Binnie Imogen Nevada 2013
Bishop Lane Shefter Sell Your Story in a Single Sentence 2016
Blackie Sharon The Enchanted Life 2018
Blain Georgia Between a Wolf and a Dog 2016
Bloom Ronna The More 2017
Bloomfield Andrew Call of the Cats 2016
Bodsworth Fred Last of the Curlews 1954
Bond Victoria and T.R. Simon Zora and Me 2010
Boyden Joseph Wenjack 2016
Brand Dionne The Unpublished City 2018
Brand Dionne Theory 2018
Bringhurst Robert A Story as Sharp as a Knife 1999
Brookmyre Christopher Quite Ugly One Morning 1996
Brown Brene Daring Greatly 2012
Bruneau Carol After the Angel Mill 1995
Bryan Ali The Figgs 2018
Buchanan Cathy Marie The Day the Falls Stood Still 2009
Burnett D.Graham A Trial by Jury 2001
Burton Jessie The Miniaturist 2014
Butala Sharon The Girl in Saskatoon 2008
Cantor Jillian Margot 2013
Carpan Carolyn Sisters, Schoolgirls, and Sleuths 2009
Cather Willa Death Comes for the Archbishop 1926
Chang Jade The Wangs Vs. the World 2016
Chariandy David I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You 2018
Chikwava Brian Harare North 2009
Child Lee The Midnight Line 2017
Coady Lynn Who Needs Books? 2016
Coben Harlan Six Years 2013
Collins Wilkie The Moonstone 1868
Cooney Barbara Miss Rumphius 1982
Cooper Paige Zolitude 2018
Crawford Elaine and Kelly Aunt Maud’s Recipe Book 1996
Cusk Rachel Kudos 2018
Dangarembga Tsitsi The Book of Not 2006
Davidson Craig Precious Cargo 2016
Davidson Craig The Saturday Night Ghost Club 2018
Davis Lauren B. The Grimoire of Kensington Market 2018
Davis Lauren B. The Radiant City 2005
Demers Julie Little Beast 2015 Rhonda Mullins
Demerson Velma Incorrigible 2004
DeWitt Patrick French Exit 2018
Diaz Junot The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao 2007
Dickson Jason Glenn Piano by Gladys Priddis 2010
Dirda Michael Browsings 2015
Dispenza Joe Evolve Your Brain 2007
Dumont Dawn Nobody Cries at Bingo 2011
Dumont Dawn Rose’s Run 2014
Dumont Dawn Glass Beads 2017
Dunlop Rishma The Blue Hour 2005
Dupont Eric Songs for the Cold of Heart 2012 Peter McCambridge
Editors ReFuse: CanLit in Ruins 2018
Edugyan Esi Washington Black 2018
El Akkad Omar American War 2017
Erdrich Louise The Beet Queen 1986
Erdrich Louise The Round House 2012
Erdrich Louise The Bingo Palace 1994
Erdrich Louise Tales of Burning Love 1996
Erdrich Louise The Antelope Wife 1998
Erdrich Louise The Master Butchers Singing Club 2003
Erdrich Louise The Painted Drum 2005
Erdrich Louise Shadow Tag 2010
Erdrich Louise The Plague of Doves 2008
Erdrich Louise LaRose 2016
Erdrich Louise The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse 2001
Eugenides Jeffrey Middlesex 2002
Farhoud Abla Hutchison Street 2011 Judith Weisz Woodsworth
Farnsworth Vanessa The Things She’ll Be Leaving Behind 2018
Gallagher Winifred The Power of Place 1993
Gallant Mavis The End of the World and Other Stories 1974
Gallant Mavis From the Fifteenth District 1979
Garner Helen The Last Days of Chez Nous & Two Friends 2016
George Jean Craighead Julie 1994
George Jean Craighead Julie of the Wolves 1972
George Jean Craighead Julie’s Wolf Pack 1997
Ghosh Amitav Sea of Poppies 2008
Ghosh Amitav River of Smoke 2011
Ghosh Amitav Flood of Fire 2015
Giardini Anne and Nicholas Startle and Illuminate 2016
Godsell Patricia C. The Diary of Jane Ellice 1975
Good Alex Revolutions 2017
Gore Al An Inconvenient Sequel 2017
Graham Gwethalyn Earth and High Heaven 1944
Hage Rawi Beirut Hellfire Society 2018
Hagio Moto A Drunken Dream and Other Stories 2010 Matt Thorn
Hamid Mohsin Exit West 2017
Han Jenny To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2014
Harrison Vashti Little Leaders 2017
Hemon Louis Maria Chapdelaine 1921 W.H. Blake
Heti Sheila Motherhood 2018
Hoang Helen The Kiss Quotient 2018
Holding Elisabeth Sanxay The Blank Wall / The Innocent Mrs. Duff 1947;1946
Hooper Emma Our Homesick Songs 2018
Howe Susan The Quarry 2015
Howey Hugh Shift 2016
Huebert David Peninsula Sinking 2017
Hughes Susan Walking in the City with Jane 2018
Hunter Martin The Critic and Other Stories 2013
Irani Anosh The Cripple and His Talismans 2004
Irie Kevin Angel Blood 2004
Jemisin N.K. The Fifth Season 2015
Jemisin N.K. The Obelisk Gate 2016
Jemisin N.K. The Stone Sky 2017
Jivani Jamil Why Young Men 2018
Johnson Elena Field Notes for the Alpine Tundra 2015
Jolley Elizabeth Mr. Scobie’s Riddle 1983
Jones Tayari An American Marriage 2018
Kazemi Nahid I’m Glad That You’re Happy 2018
King Thomas One Good Story, That One 1993
King Thomas A Coyote Solstice Tale 2009
King Thomas Coyote Tales (**) 2017
King Thomas Coyote’s New Suit (*) 2004
King Thomas Dreadfulwater (DreadfulWater Shows Up) 2002
King Thomas The Red Power Murders 2006
King Thomas Cold Skies 2018
King Stephen Elevations 2018
King Thomas A Coyote Columbus Story 1992
King Thomas Coyote Sings to the Moon (*) 1998
Konigsburg E.L. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler 1967
Kove Torill Threads 2017
Krukoff Devin Hummingbird 2018
Kurlansky Mark Salt 2002
Larsson Stieg The Girl Who Played with Fire 2005 Reg Keeland
Larsson Stieg The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2005 Reg Keeland
Larsson Asa Sun Storm 2003 Marlaine Delaroy
Larsson Stieg The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest 2009 Reg Keeland
LaRue Monique Between Books 2010 Jo-Anne Elder
Leckie Ann Ancillary Justice 2013
Leckie Ann Ancillary Sword 2013
Leckie Ann Ancillary Mercy 2015
Lee Jen Sookfong The Conjoined 2016
L’Engle Madeleine An Acceptable Time 1989
L’Engle Madeleine Meet the Austins 1960
L’Engle Madeleine The Moon By Night 1963
L’Engle Madeleine The Young Unicorns 1968
L’Engle Madeleine A Ring of Endless Light 1976
L’Engle Madeleine Madeleine L’Engle Herself 2001
Leroux Catherine and Madeleine Thien Granta Canada 141 2017
Leung Carrianne That Time I Loved You 2018
Levy Andrea Small Island 2004
Lim Thea An Ocean of Minutes 2018
Lindqvist John Ajvide Harbor 2008 Marlaine Delaroy
Lispector Clarice Collected Stories 2015 Katrina Dodson
Literary Arts Collective The World Split Open 2014
Lively Penelope The Road to Lichfield 1977
Macdonald Kate The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook 1985
Maharaj Rabindranath Homer in Flight 1997
Maillard Keith Twin Studies 2018
Malone Nancy M Walking in a Literary Labyrinth 2003
Mangan Lucy Bookworm 2018
Manguel Alberto Packing my Library 2018
Mann Charles C. 1491 2005
Mantel Hilary Wolf Hall 2009
Manto Saadat Hasan Bombay Stories 2012 Matt Reeck and Aftab Ahmad
Manyika Sarah Ladipo Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun 2016
Mapa Lorina Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos, and Me 2017
Maracle Lee My Conversations with Canadians 2017
Mason Bobbie Ann The Girl Sleuth 1975
McGregor Jon Reservoir 13 2017
McGregor Jon The Reservoir Tapes 2018
McKay Ami Half Spent the Night 2018
McKissack Patricia C. A Song for Harlem: 1928 2007
McPhee John Draft No. 4 2013
Mieville China King Rat 1998
Mieville China The City & The City 2009
Miller Tony Daddy Hall 2017
Mitchell David The Bone Clocks 2014
Mitchell David Slade House 2015
Mockler Kathryn The Saddest Place on Earth 2012
Moore Lisa Something for Everyone 2018
Morrison Toni Paradise 1997
Mount Nick Arrival 2017
Murakami Haruki Norwegian Wood 1987 Jay Rubin
Murdoch Iris The Sandcastle 1957
Murdoch Iris The Unicorn 1963
Murdoch Iris The Time of the Angels 1966
Murdoch Iris A Severed Head 1961
Nguyen Bich Minh Pioneer Girl 2014
O’Brien Edna The Country Girls 1960;1962;1964
Olding Susan Pathologies 2008
O’Leary Sara A Family is a Family is a Family 2016
Olivier Edith The Love Child 1927
Ondaatje Michael Warlight 2018
Orange Tommy There There 2018
Osondu E.C. This House Is Not For Sale 2015
Owen Adrian Into the Gray Zone 2017
Page Kathy Dear Evelyn 2018
Parks Tim Where I’m Reading From 2015
Paulsen Gary Brian’s Winter 1996
Paulsen Gary Hatchet 1987
Paulsen Gary The River 1991
Paulsen Gary Brian’s Hunt 2003
Paulsen Gary Brian’s Return 1999
Pawelski Ele The Finest Supermarket in Kabul 2017
Peacock Molly The Paper Garden 2010
Perec Georges Life A User’s Manual 1978 David Bellos
Perec Georges A Void 1969 Gilbert Adair
Pratchett Terry Sourcery 1988
Prose Francine What To Read and Why 2018
Quade Kirstin Valdez Night at the Fiestas 2015
Quimper Charles In Every Wave 2018 Gail Lefebvre
Rabeeah Abu Bakr Al Homes 2018
Raddall Thomas H. The Nymph and the Lamp 1950
Rawlings Marjorie The Yearling 1938
Reid Catherine The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables 2018
Rein Jody and Michael Larsen How to Write a Book Proposal 2017
Roche Mazo de la Jalna 1927
Roche Mazo de la Whiteoaks 1929
Roche Mazo de la Finch’s Fortune 1955
Roche Mazo de la The Master of Jalna 1933
Roche Mazo de la Wakefield’s Course 1942
Roche Mazo de la Whiteoak Harvest 1936
Roche Mazo de la Centenary at Jalna 1958
Roche Mazo de la Renny’s Daughter 1951
Roche Mazo de la Return to Jalna 1956
Roche Mazo de la Variable Winds at Jalna 1955
Ronson Jon So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed 2015
Rose Rachel Thirteen Ways of Looking at Canlit 2015
Ross Sinclair The Lamp at Noon 1968
Roy Anuradha An Atlas of Impossible Longing 2008
Ruvinsky Maxine Practical Grammar 2006
Sackville-West Vita Seducers in Ecuador 1924
Sackville-West Vita The Heir: A Love Story 1922
Sakamoto Kerri Floating City 2018
Sankovitch Nina Tolstoy and the Purple Chair 2011
Schwartz Joanna Town Is By the Sea 2017
Scofield Sandra The Last Draft 2017
Sebald W.G. Austerlitz 2001 Anthea Bell
Sebald W.G. After Nature 2002 Michael Hamburger
Sebald W.G. The Rings of Saturn 1995 Michael Hulse
Sebald W.G. Vertigo 1990 Michael Hulse
See Carolyn Making a Literary Life 2002
See Lisa China Dolls 2014
Seton Ernest Thompson Wild Animals I Have Known 1898
Shapton Leanne Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry 2009
Sharp Margery Miss Bianca in the Antarctic 1970
Sharp Margery Miss Bianca in the Orient 1970
Sharp Margery Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines 1966
Sharp Margery Bernard into Battle 1979
Sharp Margery Bernard the Brave 1976
Sharp Margery Miss Bianca and the Bridesmaid 1972
Shawn Wallace Night Thoughts 2017
Shields Carol The Box Garden 1977
Silber Joan The Art of Time in Fiction 2009
Spark Muriel Curriculum Vitae 1992
Steffens Jo and Matthias Neumann Unpacking My Library 2017
Stryker Susan Transgender History (2nd edition) 2008
Tagaq Tanya Split Tooth 2018
Tan Shaun Rules of Summer 2014
Taylor Elizabeth The Soul of Kindness 1964
Taylor Drew Hayden Sir John A: Acts of a Gentrified Ojibway Rebellion 2018
Thapa Manjushree All of Us in Our Own Lives 2018
Thien Madeleine Simple Recipes 2001
Thiong’o Ngugi Wa In the House of the Interpreter 2012
Thomas Angie The Hate U Give 2017
Thuy Kim Vi 2016 Sheila Fischman
Trofimuk Thomas Doubting Yourself to the Bone 2005
Trofimuk Thomas This is All a Lie 2017
Truong Marcelino Saigon Calling  2015 David Homel
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Ada Lovelace 2017
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Agatha Christie 2016
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Amelia Earhart 2016
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Anne Frank 2018
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Audrey Hepburn 2017
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Ella Fitzgerald 2017
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Frida Kahlo 2014
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Georgia O’Keefe 2018
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Harriet Tubman 2018
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Jane Austen 2018
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Marie Curie 2014 Francoise Major
Vegara Isabel Sanchez Maya Angelou 2016
Voiklis and Lena Roy Charlotte Jones Becoming Madeleine 2018
Waters Sarah The Paying Guests 2014
West Jessamyn The Friendly Persuasion 1940
Wharton Thomas The Logogryph 2004
Whipple Dorothy Dora Chi-mewinzha 2015
Whitehead Joshua Jonny Appleseed 2018
Whittall Zoe Bottle Rocket Hearts 2007
Wilson G. Willow No Normal 2014
Wilson G. Willow Civil War II 2016
Wilson G. Willow Crushed 2015
Wilson G. Willow Damage Per Second 2017
Wilson G. Willow Generation Why 2015
Wilson G. Willow Last Days 2015
Wilson G. Willow Super Famous 2016
Wilson G. Willow Mecca 2017
Wolf Christa The Quest for Christa T. 1968 Christopher Middleton