Author’s Last Author’s First Title Orig. Pub. Date Illustrator Translator
Aaronson Trevor The Terror Factory 2018
Aiken Joan The Wolves of Willoughby Chase 1962
Aiken Joan Black Hearts in Battersea 1964
Aiken Joan Night Birds on Nantucket 1966 Pat Marriott
Ajei-Brenyah Nana Kwame Friday Black 2018
Al Aswany Alaa The Yacoubian Building 2002 Humphrey Davies
Albert Melissa The Hazel Wood 2018
Alexis Andre Days by Moonlight 2019
Atwood Margaret The Handmaid’s Tale 1985
Awad Mona Bunny 2019
Azuma Kiyohiko Yotsuba&! 2016
Babbitt Natalie Barking with the Big Dogs 2018
Babbitt Natalie Tuck Everlasting 1975
Ball Jesse Silence Once Begun 2014
Ballstadt Carl and Elizabeth Hopkins and Michael Peterman Letters of a Lifetime 1985
Ballstadt Carl and Elizabeth Hopkins and Michael Peterman Letters of Love and Duty 1993
Bannos Pamula Vivian Maier 2017
Barbeau-Lavalette Anais La femme qui fuit 2015
Barnes Mike Be With 2018
Bawden Nina The Grain of Truth 1968
Benaway Glen Holy Wild 2018
Beresford-Howe Constance Night Studies 1985
Bezmozgis David Immigrant City  2019
Blais Marie-Claire A Season in the Life of Emmanuel 1965 Sally Livingston
Blais Marie-Claire Manuscript of Pauline Archange 1969 Derek Coltman
Blais Marie-Claire Mad Shadows 1959 Merloyd Lawrence
Blais Marie-Claire St. Lawrence Blues 1973 Ralph Manheim
Blais Marie-Claire Nights in the Underground 1978 Ray Ellenwood
Blythe Ali Twoism 2015
Bolster Stephanie A Page from the Wonders of Life on Earth 2011
Boochani Behrouz No Friend But the Mountains 2018 Omid Tofighian
Boyle Shary “Finissage” 2019
Brody Jessica Save the Cat! Writes a Novel 2018
Burch Aaron Stephen King’s The Body 2016
Busch Akiko How to Disappear 2019
Carrier Roch La Guerre, Yes Sir! 1968 Sheila Fischman
Carrier Roch La Guerre Trilogy 2013
Carver Raymond Beginners 2009
Casey Maud The Art of Mystery 2018
Cather Willa Not Under Forty 1922
Chambers Becky The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet 2014
Chambers Becky A Closed and Common Orbit 2016
Chambers Becky Record of a Spaceborn Few 2018
Chatterjee Rangan How to Make Disease Disappear 2018
Christie Michael Greenwood 2019
Cleeves Ann The Crow Trap 1999
Clement Anna Maria and Brian R. Killer Clothes 2011
Cline Elizabeth L. Over-Dressed 2012
Coles Megan Gail Small Game Hunting at the Local Coward Gun Club 2019
Comeau Joey Malagash 2017
Conrad Joseph Lord Jim 1900
Cook Meira Monologue Dogs 2015
Cottrell Patty Yumi Sorry to Disrupt the Peace 2016
Cowell Stephanie Claude & Camille 2010
Cronin Justin The Passage 2010
Crummey Michael Hard Light 1998
Crummey Michael The Innocents 2019
Cullen Nancy Jo The Western Alienation Merit Badge 2019
Cussler Clive Night Probe! 1981
Danler Stephanie Sweetbitter 2016
Davies W.H. The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp 1908
Davies Lynn The Bridge that Carries the Road 1999
Davies Robertson Murther & Walking Spirits 1991
de Moor Margriet Sleepless Night 1989 David Doherty
de Wall Elisabeth The Exiles Return 2013
Deighton Len The Ipcress File 1962
Dew Robb Forman The Evidence Against Her 2001
di Lampedusa Guiseppe Tomasi The Leopard 1958 Archibald Colquhoun
Dickens Charles Hard Times 1854
Dickie Chris Photography 2010
Dickson Barbara Bomb Girls 2015
Dimaline Cherie Empire of Wild 2019
Divakaruni Chitra Banerjee Before We Visit the Goddess 2016
Doisneau Robert From Craft to Art 2010
Dovalpage Teresa Queen of Bones 2019
Dovalpage Teresa Death Comes in through the Kitchen 2018
Dovlatov Sergei The Zone 1982 Anne Frydman
Dreyer Benjamin Dreyer’s English 2019
Du Maurier Daphne Rule Britannia 1972
Edwardson Ake Death Angels 1997 Ken Schubert
Eisen Max By Chance Alone
Ellis Sherry, Ed. Now Write! 2006
Ellison Ralph Invisible Man 1947
Englander Nathan What We Talk about When We Talk about Anne Frank 2012
Evaristo Bernardine Girl, Woman, Other 2019
Evenson Brian Raymond Carver’s What We Talk about When We Talk about Love 2018
Fab Five Queer Eye 2018
Fagan Cary The Student 2019
Farooki Roopa The Good Children 2014
Ferguson Rachel The Brontes Went to Woolworths 1931
Fierro Julia The Gypsy Moth Summer 2017
Figueras Marcelo Kamchatka 2003 Frank Wynne
Findley Timothy The Stillborn Lover 1993
Fitzgerald Meags Photobooth 2014
Fitzhugh Louise Harriet the Spy 1964 Louise Firzhugh
Fitzhugh Louise The Long Secret 1965 Louise Firzhugh
Fitzhugh Louise Sport 1979
Fitzhugh Louise Nobody’s Family Is Going to Change 1974
Folarin Tope A Particular Kind of Black Man 2019
Fontane Theodor On Tangled Paths 1887 Peter James Bowman
Forna Aminatta The Memory of Love 2010
Forster E.M. Arctic Summer 1980
Fortier Dominique On the Proper Use of Stars 2008 Sheila Fischman
Fortier Dominique The Island of Books 2015 Rhonda Mullins
Fortier Dominique Paper Houses 2018 Rhonda Mullins
Foulds Adam Dream Sequence 2019
Francis Brian Fruit 2004
Francis Brian Break in Case of Emergency 2019
Franqui Leah America for Beginners 2018
Freudenberger Nell The Newlyweds 2012
Friedman Jane The Business of Being a Writer 2018
Friend David The Naughty Nineties 2017
Galgut Damon Arctic Summer 2014
Gallant Mavis Home Truths 1981
Gallant Mavis Overhead in a Balloon and Other Stories 1987
Gappah Petina The Book of Memory 2015
Ghosh Amitav Gun Island 2019
Glenn Lorri Neilsen Lost Gospels 2010
Goldberg Myla Feast Your Eyes 2019
Gospodinov Georgi And Other Stories 2001 Alexis Levitin and Magdalena Levy
Gould Nora I see my love more clearly from a distance 2012
Griffith Nicola So Lucky 2018
Gripe Maria The Glassblower’s Children 1964 Harald Gripe Sheila La Farge
Guterson David Snow Falling on Cedars 1994
Ha Khanh Mrs. Rossi’s Dream 2019
Haig Matt To Be a Cat 2013
Hardwick Elizabeth The Collected Essays of Elizabeth Hardwick 2017
Hargreaves Kate Leak 2014
Harrow Alix E. The Ten Thousand Doors of Sorrow 2019
Hebert Anne The Torrent: Novellas and Stories 1973
Hemon Aleksandar This Does Not Belong to You / My Parents 2019
Hocking Mary Good Daughters 1984
Hocking Mary Indifferent Heroes 1985
Hocking Mary Welcome Strangers 1986
Hogan Linda Solar Storms 1995
Hozar Nazanine Aria 2019
Irani Anosh Translated from the Gibberish 2019
James Henry What Maisie Knew 1897
Jameson Anna Brownell Winter Studies and Summer Rambles 1838
Jamison Leslie The Recovering 2018
Jeffrey Ian How to Read a Photograph 2008
Jones Saeed Prelude to Bruise 2014
Joseph Bob 21 Things You May Not Know about the Indian Act 2018
Joseph Bob and Cynthia F. Indigenous Relations 2019
Justice Daniel Heath Why Indigenous Literatures Matter 2018
Kalluk Celina Sweetest Kulu 2014 Alexandria Neonakis
Kay Guy Gavriel The Summer Tree 1984
Kay Guy Gavriel The Wandering Fire 1986
Kay Guy Gavriel The Darkest Road 1986
Kay Guy Gavriel A Brightness Long Ago 2019
Kendi Ibram X. How to Be an Antiracist 2019
Kimmell Fran The Shore Girl 2012
Kimmell Fran No Good Asking 2018
King Thomas A Matter of Malice 2019
King Thomas A Short History of Indians in Canada 2005
Kingsolver Barbara Unsheltered 2018
Klaus Carl H. A Self Made of Words 2013
Ko Lisa The Leavers 2017
Lafferty Catherine Northern Wildflower 2018
Leclair Didier This Country of Mine 2003 Elaine Kennedy
Lemelin Roger The Town Below 1944 Samuel Putnam
Lemelin Roger The Plouffe Family 1952 Mary Finch
Lesnevich-Marzano Alexandria The Fact of a Body 2017
Levy Andrea Six Stories & An Essay 2014
Li William W. Eat to Beat Disease 2019
Lilley Joanna The Fleece Era 2014
Litvina Alexandra The Apartment 2016 Anna Desnitskaya Antonia W. Bouis
Lyon Elizabeth Manuscript Makeover 2008
Magnusson Margareta The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning 2018
Maracle Lee Sundogs 1992
Maracle Lee Celia’s Song 2014
Markowitz Michelle and Caroline Mosx Hey Ladies! 2018
Marlyn John Under the Ribs of Death 1957
McCarthy Doris Roughing It in the Bush 2010
McGregor Jon Even the Dogs 2010
McGuire Richard Here 2014
McKay, Jr Leo Like This 1995
McLarin Kim Womanish 2019
McLean Sarah Soul Centered 2012
McOrmond Steve The Good News about Armageddon 2010
Mendez Alberto Blind Sunflowers 1988 Nick Castor
Metalious Grace Peyton Place 1956
Meunier Hugo Walmart: Diary of an Associate 2019 Mary Foster
Miller Andrew Now We Shall Be Entirely Free 2018
Miller Karen E. Quinones Ida B. 2004
Miller K.D. Late Breaking 2018
Millhauser Steven Little Kingdoms “Catalogue of the Exhibition: The Art of Edmund Mourash 1810-1846 1993
Moodie Susanna Flora Lindsay; or, Passages in an Eventful Life 1854
Moore Dinty W. The Mindful Writer 2012
Moore Dinty M. The Story Cure 2017
Moran Brian P. and Michael Lennington The Twelve-Week Plan 2013
Morey Walt Gentle Ben 1965 John Schoenherr
Morrison Toni Love 2003
Moss Gabrielle Paperback Crush 2018
Mount Jane Bibliophile 2018
Munro Jane Blue Sonoma 2014
Murakami Haruki “Cream”  2019 Philip Gabriel
Murdoch Iris Henry and Cato 1976
Murdoch Iris Nuns and Soldiers 1980
Nafisi Azar Things I’ve Been Silent about 2008
Nafisi Azar Reading Lolita in Tehran 2003
Nafisi Azar The Republic of Imagination 2014
Nault Renée Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale 2019 Renée Nault
Nevo Eshkol Three Floors Up 2015 Sondra Silverston
Ng Celeste Everything I Never Told You 2014
Nichols Jon & Tucker Crabtree 2013
Nicholson Cecily Wayside Sang 2018
Nicol Mikella Aphelia 2019 Lesley Trites
O’Brien Edna Mother Ireland 1976
Ohlin Alix Dual Citizens 2019
Oz Amos “All Rivers” 2019 Philip Simpson
Palliser Charles The Quincunx 1989
Philips Elizabeth Torch River 2007
Pool Annelies Free Love 2015
Pool Hannah My Father’s Daughter 2005
Porter Max Lanny 2019
Price Steven Lampedusa 2019
Pufahl Shannon On Swift Horses 2019
Punti Jordi This Is Not America 2017 Julie Wark
Raschka Chris The Doorman’s Repose 2017
Reed Paula Fifty Fashion Looks that Changed the 1990s 2013
Reid-Benta Zalika Frying Plantain 2019
Rogers Linda Crow Jazz 2018
Rooney Sally Normal People 2018
Rosenfarb Chava Survivors 2004 Gordie Morgentaler
Roy Gabrielle La detresse et l’enchantement 1988
Roy Nilanjana The Wildings 2012
Rukeyser Muriel The Orgy 1965
Sagmeister Stefan Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far 2007
Sapolsky Robert M. Behave 2017
Satrapi Marjane Embroideries 2003 Zanganeh
Satrapi Marjane The Sigh 2011 Edward Gauvin
Satrapi Marjane Chicken with Plums 2004 Anjali Singh
Satrapi Marjane The Complete Persepolis 2003;2004 Mattias Ripa and Blake Ferris
Sattouf Riad L’Arabe du futur 2014
Scharer Whitney The Age of Light 2019
Schneider Aaron Grass-Fed 2018
Schofield Anakana Martin John 2015
Schofield Anakana Bina 2019
Seip Roger and Robb Zbierski Master Your Mind 2019
Shapiro Susan The Byline Bible 2018
Shapton Leanne Guest Book Ghost Stories 2019
Shidmehr Nilofar Divided Loyalties 2018
Shields Carol and Patrick Crowe Susanna Moodie: Roughing in the Bush 2016 Selena Golding
Shields Carol Susanna Moodie: Voice and Vision 1977
Shin Ann The Family China 2013
Shipstead Maggie Astonish Me 2014
Shraya Vivek even this page is white 2016
Simpson Leanne and Kiera L. Ladner This Is an Honour Song 2010
Simpson Leanne Betasamosake Islands of Decolonial Love 2015
Simpson Leanne Betasamosake Dancing on Our Turtle’s Back 2011
Smith Ali Autumn 2016
Smith Ali Winter 2017
Smith Ali Spring 2019
Smith Tracy K. Ordinary Light 2015
Solnit Rebecca A Field Guide to Getting Lost 2005
Somer Bradley Fishbowl 2015
Steig William The Amazing Bone 1978
Steig William Gorky Rises 1980
Steig William The Real Thief 1973
Streitfeld, Ed. David Ursula K. Le Guin: The Last Interview 2019
Strout Elizabeth Amy and Isabelle 1998
Strout Elizabeth Abide with Me 2006
Strout Elizabeth Olive Kitteridge 2008
Tagame Gengorah My Brother’s Husband 2014 Anne Ishii
Tagame Gengoroh My Brother’s Husband 2018 Anne Ishii
Taraghi Goli The Pomegranate Lady and Her Sons 2013 Sara Kalili
Taylor Drew Hayden Cottagers and Indians 2019
Thapa Manjushree Seasons of Flight 2010
Thapa Manjushree Forget Kathmandu 2005
Thon Kai Cheng A Place Called No Homeland 2017
Thurston John, Ed. Voyages: Short Narratives of Susanna Moodie 1991
Tolentino Jia Trick Mirror 2019
Tomine Adrian Killing and Dying 2015
Tsuda Masami Kare Kano: Volume Six 1998
Tsuda Masami Kare Kano: Volume Seven 1998
Tsuda Masami Kare Kano: Volume Nine 1999
Twist Arielle Disintegrate/Dissociate 2019
University of Chicago Press The Chicago Manual of Style 2017
vanCamp Richard Moccasin Square Gardens 2019
Vincent Gabrielle Merry Christmas, Ernest and Celestine 1983 Gabrielle Vincent ?
Wagman Fredrica His Secret Little Wife 2006
Waldman Amy A Door in the Earth 2019
Waldman Amy The Submission 2011
Wallace Daniel Big Fish 1998
Washington Bryan Lot 2019
Weinman Irving Masterclass: Developing Characters 2014
Westerbeck Colin and Joel Meyerowitz Bystander 2017
Whitehead Colson The Nickel Boys 2019
Wilhelmy Audree The Body of the Beasts 2017 Susan Ouriou
Williams Ian Reproduction 2019
Williams Ian You Know Who You Are 2010
Williams Ian Not Anyone’s Anything 2011
Williams Ian Personals 2012
Wong Lindsay The Woo Woo 2018
Woodman Francesca On Being an Angel 2015
Woodson Jacqueline Red at the Bone 2019
Woolaver Lance Christmas with Maud Lewis 1997 Bob Brooks
Wright Alexis The Swan Book 2013
Young Damon What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Blacker 2019
Zanganeh Lila Azam My Sister, Guard Your Veil; My Brother, Guard Your Eyes 2006 89