Author’s Last Author’s First Title Pub. Date Illustrator Translator
Beauman Nicola The Other Elizabeth Taylor 2009
Goleman Daniel and Richard J. Davidson Altered Traits 2017
Engle Margarita The Surrender Tree 2008
Engle Margarita The Wild Book 2012
Engle Margarita Enchanted Air 2015
Engle Margarita Lion Island 2016
Engle Margarita Soaring Earth 2019
Ditlevsen Tove Childhood 1967 Tiina Nunnally
Jansson Tove The True Deceiver 1982 Thomas Teal
Anderson Jessica Taking Shelter 1990
Quiviger Pascale The Perfect Circle 2003 Sheila Fischman
Quiviger Pascale The Breakwater House 2008 Lazer Lederhendler
Mandel Emily St. John Last Night in Montreal 2009
Brooks Carellin One Hundred Days of Rain 2015
Quiviger Pascale If You Hear Me 2015 Lazer Lederhendler
Leduc-Primeau Laurence In the End They Told Them All to Get Lost 2016 Natalia Hero
Teitelman Judith Guesthouse for Ganesha 2019
Grove Frederick Philip Over Prairie Trails 1922
Groulx David A Difficult Beauty 2011
Groulx David Imagine Mercy 2013
Groulx David In the Silhouette of Your Silences 2014
Groulx David Rising with a Different Dawn 2015
Groulx David Wabigoon River 2015
Groulx David These Threads Become a Thinner Light 2015
Groulx David From Turtle Island to Gaza 2016
Aleichem Sholom The Tevye Stories 1946 Julius and Frances Butwin
O’Connor Flannery A Good Man Is Hard to Find 1955
Gallant Mavis In Transit 1988
Urbina Ian The Outlaw Ocean 2019
Gornick Vivian Unfinished Business 2020
Fox Dan Pretentiousness 2018
Moriarity Joan and Jonathan Kay Your Move 2019
Novik Naomi Will Supervillains Be on the Final? 2011 Yishan Li
Azuma Kiyohiko Yotsuba&! 2018 Stephen Paul
Ware Chris Rusty Brown 2019
O’Connor Flannery The Habit of Being 1979
King Thomas Medicine River 1989
Choy Wayson The Jade Peony 1995
Wheatle Alex Brixton Rock 1999
Mandel Emily St. John The Lola Quartet 2011
Moore Nathaniel G. Savage 1986-2011 2013 Andrea Bennett
Gilbert David & Sons 2013
Mandel Emily St. John The Glass Hotel 2020
Cognetti Paolo The Wild Boy 2013 Erica Segre & Simon Carnell
Halpern Sue Four Wings and a Prayer 2001
Ramochlan Shivanee Every One Knows I Am a Haunting 2017
Chen Chen When I Grow Up I Want To Be a List of Further Possibilities 2017
Betts Reginald Dwayne Felon 2019
Mandel Emily St. John Station Eleven 2014
Gardam Jane Showing the Flag 1989
Mutonji Téa Shut Up, you’re pretty 2019
Bryer Jackson R. Why I Like This Story 2019
Godden Rumer A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep 1987
Godden Rumer A House with Four Rooms 1989
Lovelace Maud Hart Betsy and Tacy Go over the Big Hill 1942 Lois Lenski
Choi Mary H.K. Emergency Contact 2018
Prichard Caradog One Moonlit Night 1961 Philip Mitchell
Gnanalingam Brannavan Sodden Downstream 2017
Kaeser Michelle The Towers of Babylon 2019
Tunney Deborah-Anne Winter Willow  2019
Yu Charles Interior Chinatown 2020
Béchard Deni A Song from Faraway 2020
Colette Chéri and The Last of Chéri 1920;1926 Roger Senhouse
Godden Rumer and Jon Two Under the Indian Sun 1966
Yazbek Samar A Woman in the Crossfire 2012 Max Weiss
Ihimaera Witi Maori Boy 2014
Hrabal Bohumil All My Cats 1965 Paul Wilson
Levine Madeline Ready or Not 2020
Lovegrove Jennifer Beautiful Children with Pet Foxes 2017
Cargill Robert Sea of Rust 2017
Hurst Frannie The Stories of Fannie Hurst 2004
Clark Roy Peter Murder Your Darlings 2020
Chisholm Anne Rumer Godden 1998
Wilson Frances The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth 2008
Veevers Marian Jane and Dorothy 2018
Béchard Deni Ellis My Favourite Crime 2019
Leavitt Sarah Agnes, Murderess 2019
DeGeneres Ellen Seriously…I’m Kidding 2011
Furlong Monica Juniper 1990
Gibbon Lewis Grassic Sunset Song 1932
Sharp Margery Something Light 1960
Morrison Toni A Mercy 2008
Morrison Toni Home 2012
Gass William H. Middle C 2013
Grace Patricia Chappy 2015
Graham Catherine Quarry 2017
Béchard Deni Ellis White 2018
Gunraj Andrea The Lost Sister 2019
Colford Ian A Dark House and Other Stories 2019
Onstad Katrina Stay Where I Can See You 2020
Callaghan Morley That Summer in Paris 1963
Béchard Deni Ellis Empty Hands, Open Arms 2013
Ueland Barbara If You Want to Write 1938
Tung Debbie Book Love 2019
Peyton K.M. Flambards 1967
Paterson Katherine The Sign of the Chrysanthemum 1973 Peter Landa
du Maurier Daphne Jamaica Inn 1936
Mahyère Eveline I Will Not Serve 1959 Antonia White
Shields Carol Small Ceremonies 1976
Galeano Eduardo The Book of Embraces 1989 Cedric Belfrage and Mark Schafer
Lively Penelope Consequences 2007
McGrath Wendy Santa Rosa 2011
McGrath Wendy North East 2014
Fortier Jean-Michel The Unknown Huntsman 2014 Katherine Hastings
McGrath Wendy Broke City 2019
Carter Lauren This Has Nothing To Do With You 2019
Burnet Jaime Crocuses Hatch from Snow 2019
McGrath Wendy A Revision of Forward 2015
Aitken Kelley Canadian Shield 2016
King Stephen It 1986
Furlong Monica Wise Child 1987
Gibbon Lewis Grassic Cloud Howe 1933
Bessette Gérard Not for Every Eye 1960 Glen Shortliffe
Galloway Janice The Trick is to Keep Breathing 1989
Allende Isabel The Japanese Lover 2015
Fortier Jean-Michel The Electric Baths 2018 Katherine Hastings
Cather Willa Obscure Destinies 1932
Gallant Mavis Across the Bridge 1993
Galeano Eduardo Walking Words 1993 José Francisco Borges Mark Fried
du Maurier Daphne Rebecca 1938
Berry David On Nostalgia 2020
McCullough Colleen The Thorn Birds 1977
Samura Hiroaki Ohikkoshi 2006
Taylor Wanda Lauren The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children 2015
Lovelace Maud Hart Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown 1943
Martineau Harriet Deerbrook 1839
Stead Christina The Beauties and the Furies 1936
Hebert Anne Kamouraska 1970 Norman Shapiro
Shields Carol The Box Garden 1977
Calvino Italo Mr. Palomar 1983 William Weaver
Findley Timothy The Telling of Lies 1987
Shields Carol and Blanche Howard A Celibate Season 1991
Galeano Eduardo Upside Down 1998 José Guadalupe Posada Mark Fried
Murata Sayaka Convenience Store Woman 2016 Ginny Tapley Takemori
Brodesser-Akner Taffy Fleishman is in Trouble 2019
McQueen Daven The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones 2020
Hale Taylor The Summer I Drowned 2020
Hemming Deborah Throw Down Your Shadows 2020
Vanderstoop Doreen Watershed 2020
Enfield Tyler Like Rum-Drunk Angels 2020
Pugsley Alex Aubrey McKee 2020
Butler Octavua E. Parable of the Sower 1993
Harrison M. John Light 2002
Jolley Elizabeth Stories 1984
Condé Mayrse and Lise Gauvin Novelles d’Amérique 1998
Gooch Brad Flannery 2009
Kenan Randall The Fire This Time 2007
Ma Ling Severance 2018
Kenan, Ed. Randall The Cross of Redemption: Uncollected Writings of James Baldwin 2010
Smith Betty A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1944
Taibo II Paco Ignacio 68 The Mexican Autumn of the Tlatelolco Massacre 1991 Donald Nicholson Smith
Caistor Nick Mexico City 2019
Smith Betty Tomorrow Will Be Better 1948
Jelloun Tahar Ben The Sand Child 1985 Alan Sheridan
Kenan Randall A Visitation of Spirits 1989
Okri Ben Dangerous Love 1996
Jelloun Tahar Ben This Blinding Absence of Light 2001 Linda Coverdale
Wyld Evie After the Fire, a Still Small Voice 2009
Wyld Evie All the Birds, Singing 2013
Bolano Roberto The Spirit of Science Fiction 2016 Natasha Wimmer
Poschmann Marion The Pine Islands 2020 Jen Calleja
Georges Karoline The Imago Stage 2020 Rhonda Mullins
Wyld Evie The Bass Rock  2020
Simpson Anne Speechless 2020
Dovalpage Teresa Death of a Telenovella Star 2020
Yeats W.B. The Tower 1928
Tynes Maxine Borrowed Beauty 1987
Tynes Maxine Woman Talking Woman 1990
Carter Lauren Lichen Bright 2005
Johnson Guyleigh Afraid of the Dark 2018
Clarke George Elliott Portia White 2019 Lara Martina
Carter Lauren Following Sea 2019
Banu Simina Pop 2020
Legault Paul The Tower 2020
Wilson Adam Sensation Machines 2020
Kipling Rudyard La marque de la Bete et autres nouvelles 1901 Louis Fabulet et Robert d’Humieres
Walker Alice In Love & Trouble 1973
Gallant Mavis Paris Stories 2002
Gallant Mavis Montreal Stories 2004
Georges Karoline Variations Endogènes 2014
Thammavongsa Souvankham How to Pronounce Knife 2020
Kenan Randall If I Had Two Wings 2020
Vadnais Christiane Fauna 2020 Pablo Strauss
Okorafor Nnedi Broken Places and Outer Spaces 2019
O’Hara Mary Flicka’s Friend: An Autobiography 1982
Quaratiello Arlene R. Rachel Carson: A Biography 2004
Barnet Andrea Visionary women 2018
Clinton Hillary Rodham and Chelsea The Book of Gutsy Women 2019
Questlove with Ben Greenman Creative Quest 2018
Rakim Sweat the Technique 2019
Sophokles Antigonick 2012 Anca Stone Anne Carson
Spinner, Ed Jenny Of Women and the Essay 2018
Seth Clyde Fans 2019
McMillan L.Jane Truth and Conviction 2018
Hughes Langston Selected Letters of Langston Hughes 2015
Smith Betty Maggie-Now 1958
Cortazar Julio Hopscotch 1963 Gregory Rabassa
Poniatowska Elena Here’s to You, Jesusa! 1969 Deanna Heikkinen
Shields Carol Larry’s Party 1997
Grant Linda When I Lived in Modern Times 2000
Carter Lauren Swarm 2013
Coady Lynne Watching You Without Me 2019
Doctor Farzana Seven 2020
Conell Lee The Party Upstairs 2020
Smith Ali Summer 2020
Réhel Jean-Christophe Tatouine 2020
Proulx Annie Bird Cloud 2011
Carson Rachel Under the Seawind 1941 Bob Hines
DeCarava Roy and Langston Hughes The Sweet Flypaper of Life 1955
Hughes Langston The Weary Blues 1926
Hamilton Sylvia D. And I Alone Escaped to Tell You 2014
Jameson Conor Mark Silent Spring Revisited 2012
Proulx Annie Close Range 1999
Cullens L.G. Togwotee Passage 2019
Gould John The End of Me 2020
Bergen David Here the Dark 2020
Yow Valerie Raleigh Betty Smith 2008
Barry Lynda Making Comics 2019
Atwood Margaret Angel Catbird 2016 Johnnie Christmas
Atwood Margaret The Catbird Roars 2017 Johnnie Christmas
Atwood Margaret To Castle Catula 2017 Johnnie Christmas
Carlson Natalie Savage The Family Under the Bridge 1958 Garth Williams
Neilson Shane Constructive Negativity 2019
Smith Betty Joy in the Morning 1963
Rachman Tom The Imperfectionists 2010
James Marlon A Brief History of Seven Killings 2014
Smith Ali How to Be Both 2014
Mootoo Shani Polar Vortex 2020
Good Michelle Five Little Indians 2020
King Thomas Indians on Vacation 2020
Adamson Gil Ridgerunner 2020
Lyon Annabel Consent 2020
Donogue Emma The Pull of the Stars 2020
Crocker Eva All I Ask  2020
Aimaq Jasmine The Opium Prince 2020
Land Stephanie Maid 2019
Atwood Margaret Two-Headed Poems 1978
Atwood Margaret True Stories 1981
Singer Michael A. The Untethered Soul 2007
Silva Jennifer M. We’re Still Here 2019
Kristof Nicholas D. and Sheryl WuDunn Tightrope 2020
Warner John The Writer’s Practice 2019
Dufresne John Storyville 2020 Evan Wondolowski
Shaw Marion The Clear Stream 1999
Goodings Lennie A Bite of the Apple 2020
Wilson August Gem of the Ocean 2006
Goodwin Dean Climate Change for Beginners 2016 Joe Lee
Simpson Leanne Betasamosake Noopiming 2020
Brockovich Erin with Suzanne Boothby Superman’s Not Coming 2020
Polansky Daniel The Seventh Perfection 2020
Brosh Allie Solutions and Other Problems 2020
Cleary Beverly Emily’s Runaway Imagination 1961
Sasso Sandy Eisenberg Anne Frank and the Remembering Tree 2015 Erika Steiskal
Miller David Lee and Steven Jay Rubin The Cat Who Lived with Anne Frank 2019 Elizabeth Baddeley
Shields Carol Happenstance 1980
Atwood Margaret Cat’s Eye 1988
Ekwuyasi Francesca Butter Honey Pig Bread 2020
Theis Leona If Sylvie Had Nine Lives 2020
Nugent Liz Little Cruelties 2020
Kingsolver Barbara How to Fly (In Ten Thousand Easy Lessons) 2020
Kellough Kaie Dominoes at the Crossroads 2020
Mosley Walter The Awkward Black Man 2020
Robinson Andrea The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale 2019
Larimer Kevin and Mary Gannon The Poets & Writers Complete Guide to Being a Writer 2020
Martin Claire Dans un gant de fer 1965
RuPaul Workin’ It! 2010
RuPaul GuRu 2018
RuPaul In His Own Words (Ed. Rachel Hinton and Helena Hunt 2020
Kakutani Michiko Ex Libris 2020
Pearl Nancy and Jeff Schwager The Writer’s Library 2020
Guendelsberger Emily On the Clock 2020
Bush Catherine Blaze Island 2020
McConaghy Charlotte Migrations 2020
Munteanu Nina A Diary in the Age of Water 2020
Cook Diane The New Wilderness 2020
Henson Robert The Rough Guide to Climate Change, 3rd Edition 2011
Klein Naomi This Changes Everything 2014
Bales Kevin Blood and Earth 2016
Robinson Mary Climate Justice 2018
Burtynsky, Baichwal, De Pencier Anthropocene 2018
Gilio-Whitaker Dina As Long as Grass Grows 2019
Klein Naomi On Fire 2019
Wallace-Wells David The Uninhabitable Earth 2019
Hogan Linda The Radiant Lives of Animals 2020
McMillan Terry It’s Not All Downhill from Here 2020
Gaikotsu Shotenin Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san 1 2016 Amanda Haley
Gaikotsu Shotenin Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san 2 2016 Amanda Haley
Redniss Lauren Oak Flat 2020
Rodiger David R. Working Toward Whiteness (Rev. Ed.) 2005
Ortiz Paul An African American and Latinx Histoy of the United States 2018
Lovelace Maud Hart Heaven to Betsy 1945 Vera Neville
Lovelace Maud Hart Betsy in Spite of Herself 1946 Vera Neville
Lovelace Maud Hart Betsy Was a Junior 1947 Vera Neville
Lovelace Maud Hart Betsy and Joe 1948 Vera Neville
Lovelace Maud Hart Betsy and the Great World 1952 Vera Neville
Lovelace Maud Hart Betsy’s Wedding 1955 Vera Neville
Cooper Susan Over Sea, Under Stone 1965
Lindstrom Carole We Are Water Protectors 2020 Michaela Goade
Holtby Winifred Virginia Woolf 1936
Gibbon Lewis Grassic Grey Granite 1934
Murdoch Iris The Flight from the Enchanter 1956
Shields Carol A Fairly Conventional Woman 1982
Matthee Dalene Circles in a Forest 1984
Dunmore Helen A Spell of Winter 1991
Shields Carol The Stone Diaries 1993
Smith Ali The Accidental 2005
Smith Ali There but for the 2011
Oyamada Hiroko The Factory 2013 David Boyd
Hession Ronan Leonard and Hungry Paul 2019
Friesen Bernice Universal Disorder 2020
Unferth Deb Olin Barn 8 2020
Gilligan Ruth The Butchers’ Blessing NOV 10/20 2020
Foggo Cheryl Pourin’ Down Rain 1990
Schumer Amy The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo 2016
Van Ness Jonathan Over the top 2019
Munteanu Nina Water Is… 2016
Atwood Margaret Dearly 2020
Freeman, Ed. John Tales of Two Cities 2014
Guenther Faye Swimmers in Winter 2020
McCann Séan and Andrea Aragon One Good Reason 2020
Trethewey Laura The Imperilled Ocean 2020