BHM: Z.Z. Packer


It's been a long time since a book inspired me to create a Spelling It Out.* Generally speaking, it coincides with an author's shifting onto my MRE lists (Must Read Everything). Consider it official: Z.Z. Packer's Drinking Coffee Elsewhere makes her a MRE author for me, and now I'll

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Not-So-Sweet and Swedish: Mankell


The Kurt Wallander series was one of the first of the Scandinavian mystery series to cause a buzz in North America, but I was frustrated by the fact that the earliest volumes weren't translated into English as quickly as I wanted them. You see, I'm obsessive about reading mystery series

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An Assortment of Teenlit: Four Books


Aristophane’s The Zabîme Sisters Trans. Matt Madden (2010) This was the happy product of a browsing session on a summer day that found me seeking the relief of the public library's A/C. I brought it home and took it to bed on a still-too-hot night, the sort when you really

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An Assortment of Kidlit: Four Books


A giraffe and a cat. Origami gone wild. A fantastic book of transformative tales. A word-lovin' ol' woman, and a sword-wielding girl. The first of these two came to me via Shelagh Rogers' The Next Chapter on CBC. (It's worth repeating; her enthusiasm about all kinds of storytelling is wholly contagious.)

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Anthony Bidulka’s Amuse Bouche (2003)


Anthony Bidulka’s Amuse Bouche Russell Quant, #1 Insomniac Press, 2003 Things that I like about the first book in Anthony Bidulka’s mystery series: 1. Barbra; 2. Saskatoon; and 3. Russell Quant. 1. Barbra is a four-year-old Standard Schnauzer who’s firmly attached to Anthony Bidulka’s sleuth but also adores sleepovers and

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