Elspeth Cameron’s Aunt Winnie (2013)


Which aunt of yours would inspire you to write a biography? After writing about Hugh MacLennan, Irving Layton, Earle Birney and The Girls, Elspeth Cameron turned to her Aunt Winnie. Cormorant Books, 2013 "Aunt Winnie was born twelve days after the death of Queen Victoria, on 2 February

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Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Birthday


Lucy Maud Montgomery's Birthday November 30, 1874 - April 24, 1942 To mark her birthday, here is a quote from Mary Henley Rubio's Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Gift of Wings (TO: Doubleday - Random House, 2008): 181-2. It's a long quote, but a book-soaked one; I've broken the paragraph so that

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A Series that Rocks about Women Who Rock


Noelle Boughton's Margaret Laurence A Gift of Grace: A Spiritual Biography Women's Press, 2006 Margaret Laurence is one of my favourite writers and I keep half a reading eye on new biographical or critical work, so I knew that I was missing out on Donez Xiques' Margaret Laurence: The Making

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Egregious errors and great gaps?!


David Stouck's Ethel Wilson: A Critical Biography UTP, 2003 Here is what David Stouck wrote about Mary McAlpine's book about Ethel Wilson's life: "When I read the book I was aware of egregious errors and great gaps in the life. In the opinion of many reviewers, the book was poorly

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Kim Echlin presents Elizabeth Smart


Kim Echlin's Elizabeth Smart: A Fugue on Women and Creativity (2004) When I included Elizabeth Smart on my list of reading for Women Unbound, I was sure that she belonged. Then, when I started into the reading in earnest, I wasn't sure; she seemed decidedly bound by her relationship with

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