Zadie Smith’s Swing Time (2016)


In the first musical number in the classic RKO comedy film "Swing Time", Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance with grace and finesse; towards the end of the number, they even leap across the fence-like borders which circle the floor. Hamish Hamilton - PRH, 2016 Astaire and Rogers

Zadie Smith’s Swing Time (2016)2017-01-06T10:33:21-05:00

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Here I Am (2016)


In interview with Mark Medley in September, Jonathan Safran Foer discusses his new book, Here I Am, in such a way that it's clear it feels distinct from his other writing for him. Hamish Hamilton - PRH, 2016 Many of the attendees are carrying copies of his earlier

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Here I Am (2016)2016-11-10T10:55:29-05:00

Jonathan Safran Foer’s T-shirt (2016)


Jonathan Safran Foer explains that he came to writing through a back door. (He was interviewed by Mark Medley at the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon in the Toronto Reference Library, on September 9, 2106.) Hamish Hamilton - PRH, 2016 He didn't always want to be a writer. 'Novelist' is

Jonathan Safran Foer’s T-shirt (2016)2016-11-16T20:39:35-05:00

Jay Hosking’s Three Years with the Rat (2016)


If a story's beginning looks at its reflection in a room made of mirrors, does it see its own beginning-self reflected back? Or is the reflection actually the story's ending? Hamish Hamilton, 2016 This is the kind of question that I can imagine keeps Jay Hosking up late

Jay Hosking’s Three Years with the Rat (2016)2016-08-18T09:15:26-05:00

Ghalib Islam’s Fire in the Unnameable Country (2014)


Have Helen Oyeyemi's Boy, Snow, Bird and Ghalib Islam's debut novel met? Were they caught up together in an air-raid shelter, sharing the same transistor radio while the sirens howled? "Maybe it just wasn’t the right time for him to tell the story. Or maybe it doesn’t matter what century

Ghalib Islam’s Fire in the Unnameable Country (2014)2014-03-14T13:41:56-05:00
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