Hilary Scharper’s Perdita (2013)


Oh, the trees! If you, like me, grew up with Anne and Emily naming and loving trees in L.M. Montgomery's novels, you will love Hilary Scharper's novel Perdita. Touchstone - Simon & Schuster, 2013 There are many other reasons to respond to this story: a love of history,

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Nicolas Debon’s Four Pictures by Emily Carr (2003)


There are a number of ways in which one can get to know Emily Carr. Groundwood Books - House of Anansi, 2003 First, for the bookish, via her own writing. Klee Wick (1941), The Book of Small (1942), The House of All Sorts (1944), and, published posthumously, Growing Pains

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Kyo Maclear’s Virginia Wolf (2012)


"If we’re lucky, art can help us through our wolfishness."* And it does, indeed, help Virginia get through her wolfishness. As does her sister, Vanessa. And the painting of Bloomsberry. What's this? A children's book about Virginia Woolf? But we all know how THAT story ends. And, yet,

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A New Heroine


Doris McCarthy’s Ninety Years Wise Second Story Press, 2004 This is another book that I discovered thanks to Shelagh Rogers’ The Next Chapter. You know how sometimes you hear a name so many times and you keep meaning to investigate and then, suddenly, something happens and it shifts from a

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