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Canadian Book Challenge 8 2014

Most of what I read is Canlit, but I am easily distracted by new and shiny books and I forget to make time to read the classics.

The first time I joined the challenge hosted by The Book Mine Set, I read (and reread) all of Ethel Wilson’s works, along with some books about her. This year I’m eyeing Gabrielle Roy’s works.

I’ve read Windflower (about ten years ago) and Children of My Heart (when I was about 13 years old), but the rest will be fresh reads (and it’s been so long since I read these two, they might as well be fresh reads too).

Thanks to John for hosting this challenge every year, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other participants are reading.


2 comments to Canadian Book Challenge 8 2014

  • Wonderful lineup – how are you doing?
    I read Road Past Altamont last year and enjoyed it. My first experience of Ms Roy, and long past due considering the proximity to her St Boniface home!
    Happy Canadian Book Challenge 8 reading !

  • I’ve read six so far, and I am just about to read Altamont actually; I have a feeling it will be a little like Street of Riches, but I could be off-base. I think my favourite, so far, from the challenge reading is The Cashier, but even as I say that, I know that if I had approached it in a different reading mood, I might have found it a an overwhelmingly sombre story. And I remember absolutely loving Windflower, so I am very curious to return to that.

    Funny how we take for granted writers who feel closer to us, sometimes, as though “well, we can read that anytime”, but often these are the most rewarding “discoveries”, aren’t they!?

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