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May 2019, In My Notebook


I reread Harriet the Spy and The Long Secret (which I didn’t properly appreciate as a young reader) in April, to write a pair of essays for the Literary Ladies site, hosted by Nava Atlas, author of (among other books) The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Literary Life (2011).

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May 2019, In My Reading Log


A single-sitting read, a summer road-trip, and Sesame Street: good reading. Margriet De Moor’s Sleepless Night (1989; Trans. David Doherty 2019) “Sleepless night succeeded sleepless night – agonized day followed agonized day.” This, from L.M. Montgomery’s 1918 journal, came to mind when I was reading Margriet De Moor’s Sleepless Night

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May 2019, In My Bookbag


Because I’m still buried in print when I’m on the move, here’s talk of the books I’ve been reading en route, while heavier volumes (like Charles Palliser’s The Quincunx and Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man) stayed at home. I read nearly half of this book at the top of the steps

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Overflow for #1965Club Reading


When you have 8,409 books on your TBR list, the smallest detail can boost a handful of them to the top of the stack. Which feels tremendously specific. And terrifically random. So when Karen and Simon chose 1965 as their next reading year inspiration, a few books presented themselves

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Mavis Gallant’s “With a Capital T”


In this story, Linnet is “seamless”, she is “as smooth as brass”. And she has returned to her godmother’s house, as a journalist, sent to conduct an interview. She has written down her assignment, like any other, without commenting that the woman is her godmother. unsplash-logoMatt Artz She is hesitant,

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