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Planning: 2019’s Reading


My read-o-lutions for 2019 are much as they were for the past year: keep on reading on. (2018 was a great reading year!) Except more non-fiction, more poetry, more letters, more graphic novels and comics. More storybooks, writers' biographies and histories. The underlying theme? More. But not necessarily more

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Reflecting: 2018’s Reading (Stats and Stuff)


Once again, GoodReads has done a fine job of summarizing my reading (I wish they hadn't been bought out by Amazon). This year comes up with 336 books or 82,982 pages. (How do I do it? I mercilessly exploit my commutes and read as often as I can, including

Reflecting: 2018’s Reading (Stats and Stuff)2019-01-16T15:45:05-05:00

Mavis Gallant’s “Irina” (1974)


We mean it kindly, when we say that a short story contains a novel. For many of us are novel-lovers, first or only, and, so, this seems a high compliment. What we are observing is how quickly an author can beckon us into the heart of a character, how

Mavis Gallant’s “Irina” (1974)2018-12-21T17:28:49-05:00

Mazo de la Roche’s Centenary at Jalna (1958)


There have been many Christmases in Mazo de la Roche’s novels, too: not quite a hundred, but several. “Ninety-nine Christmases had been celebrated at Jalna. In its first Christmas Philip and Adeline Whiteoak had been young people and their three children infants. Now all those five were in their

Mazo de la Roche’s Centenary at Jalna (1958)2018-09-12T11:42:13-05:00

Quarterly Stories: Winter 2018


Faust, Gallant, Hawley, Madsen and Ross Short Stories in October, November and December "It was a long time - a long time watching him the way you watch a finger tightening slowly in the trigger of a gun – and then suddenly wrenching himself to action

Quarterly Stories: Winter 20182018-11-21T12:48:28-05:00