This site is about giving back, in exchange for the many hours spent in the company of books, for the writers who have participated in countless paged conversations.

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I’m usually rather serious. As when discussing books like Michael Ondaatje’s Warlight, and Michael Redhill’s Bellevue Spiral. (Yes, I have a thing for Michaels.) But I can also be silly. (As in “Dear Public Library”.)

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Mini Update Sticky Post: May 17, 2019 Reading for Daphne Du Maurier reading week, hosted by Heavenali: I've chosen Rule Britannia. Also sampling a number of books by

May 2019, In My Notebook

I reread Harriet the Spy and The Long Secret (which I didn’t properly appreciate as a young reader) in April, to write a pair of essays for

May 2019, In My Reading Log

A single-sitting read, a summer road-trip, and Sesame Street: good reading. Margriet De Moor’s Sleepless Night (1989; Trans. David Doherty 2019) “Sleepless night succeeded sleepless night – agonized

May 2019, In My Bookbag

Because I’m still buried in print when I’m on the move, here’s talk of the books I’ve been reading en route, while heavier volumes (like Charles Palliser’s The

In My Stacks, April 2019

The past three months, I've gradually been shifting the volume in my stacks so that half of my reading is drawn from my own shelves, but I'm

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