Open a book this minute and start reading. Don’t move until you’ve reached page fifty. Until you’ve buried your thoughts in print. Cover yourself with words. Wash yourself away. Dissolve. Carol Shields Republic of Love

Mavis Gallant Reading Project

Gallant Other ParisThe Other Paris (1956)

The Other Paris / Autumn Day / Poor Franzi / Going Ashore / The Picnic / The Deceptions of Marie-Blanche / Wing’s Chips / The Legacy / One Morning in June / About Geneva / Senor Pinedo / A Day Like Any Other

The Cost of Living: Early and Uncollected Stories/Going Ashore (2009)

Going Ashore (TOP) / Wing’s Chips (TOP) / The Legacy (TOP) / Bernadette (MHiB) / From Gamut to Yalta / Paola and Renata / Acceptance of Their Ways (MHiB) / Dido Flute, Spouse to Europe / Autumn Day (TOP) / The Picnic (TOP) / One Morning in May (TOP) / Siegfried’s Memoirs / Night and Day / A Day Like Any Other (TOP) / A Revised Guide to Paris / The Cost of Living (MHiB) / La Vie Parisienne / Sunday Afternoon / Willi / One Aspect of a Rainy Day / French Crenellation / The Rejection / Madeline’s Birthday / The Wedding Ring / Thieves and Rascals / Mousse / Travellers Must Be Content / On With the New in France / The Burgundy Weekend / Treading Water / Malcolm and Bea

My Heart is Broken (1964)

*TOC yet to come [includes Bernadette / Acceptance of Their Ways / Its Image on the Mirror / The Cost of Living]

The Pegnitz Junction (1973)

The Pegnitz Junction / The Old Friends / An Autobiography / Ernst in Civilian Clothes / O Lasting Peace / An Alien Flower

The End of the World and Other Stories (1974)

*TOC yet to come

From the Fifteenth District (1979)

The Four Seasons / TheMoslem Wife / The Remission / The Latehomecomer / Baum, Gabriel, 1935 — / From the Fifteenth District / Potter / His Mother / Irina

Mavis Gallant Home TruthsHome Truths (1981)

Thank You for the Lovely Tea / Jorinda and Jorindel / Saturday / Up North / Orphans’ Progress / The Prodigal Parent / In the Tunnel / The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street / Bonaventure / Virus X / In Youth is Pleasure / Between Zero and One / Varieties of Exile / Voices Lost in Snow / The Doctor / With a Capital T

Overhead in a Balloon (1985)

Speck’s Idea / Overhead in a Balloon / Luc and His Father / A Painful Affair / Larry / A Flying Start / Grippes and Poche / A Recollection / Rue de Lille / The Colonel’s Child / Lena / The Assembly

In Transit (1988)

*TOC yet to come [Includes Nice, Nearly / Gibraltar Straits]

Across the Bridge and Other Stories (1993)

1933 / The Chosen Husband / From Cloud to Cloud / Florida / Dédé / Kingdom Come / Across the Bridge / Forain / A State of Affairs / Mlle. Dias de Corta / The Fenton Child

The Moslem Wife (1994)

About Geneva (TOP) / When We Were Nearly Young / My Heart is Broken / The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street (HT) / An Autobiography (TPJ) / Saturday (HT) / The Latehomecomer (15th) / In Youth is Pleasure (HT) / The Moslem Wife / Grippes and Poche (OiaB) / Overhead in a Balloon (OiaB)

Gallant Montreal StoriesThe Selected/Collected Stories of Mavis Gallant (1996)

The Moslem Wife (TMW) / The Four Seasons (15th) / The Fenton Child (AtB) / The Other Paris (TOP) / Across the Bridge (AtB) / The Latehomecomer (15th and TMW) / Senor Pinedo (TOP) / By the Sea / When We Were Nearly Young (TMW) / The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street (HT, TMW, Paris) / The Remission (15th and Paris / The Captive Niece / Questions and Answers / Ernst in Civilian Clothes (TPJ)/ An Unmarried Man’s Summer / April Fish / In Transit (IT) / O Lasting Peace (TPJ) / An Alien Flower (TPJ) / The End of the World (Montreal) / New Year’s Eve (Montreal) / In the Tunnel / Irina (15th and Paris) / Potter (15th) / Baum, Gabriel 1935 — (15th and Paris) / Speck’s Idea (OiaB and Paris) / From the Fifteenth District (15th, Paris) / The Pegnitz Junction (TPJ) / Luc and His Father (OiaB) / Overhead in a Balloon (OiaB) / Kingdom Come / Forain (AtB and Paris) / A State of Affairs (AtB) / Mlle Dias de Corta (AtB and Paris) / Scarves, Beads, Sandals (Paris) / The Doctor (HT and Montreal) / Voices Lost in Snow (HT and Montreal) / In Youth Is Pleasure (HT and Montreal) / Between Zero and One (HT and Montreal)  / Varieties of Exile (HT and Montreal) / 1933 (AtB and Montreal) / The Chosen Husband (AtB and Montreal) / From Cloud to Cloud (AtB and Montreal) / Florida (AtB and Montreal) / A Recollection (OiaB) / The Colonel’s Child (OiaB) / Rue de Lille (OiaB) / Lena (OiaB) / A Painful Affair (OiaB) / A Flying Start (OiaB) / Grippes and Poche (OiaB and TMW and Paris) / In Plain Sight (Paris)

Paris Stories (2002)

The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street (HT and TMW) / Irina (15th) / The Latehomecomer (15th and TMW) / In Transit (IT) / The Moslem Wife (TMW) / From the Fifteenth District (15th) / Speck’s Idea (OiaB) / Baum, Gabriel 1935 — (15th) / The Remission (15th) / Grippes and Pcche (OiaB and TMW) / Forain (AtB) / August / Mlle. Dias de Corta (AtB) / In Plain Sight / Scarves, Beads, Sandals

Montreal Stories (2004)

The Fenton Child (AtB) / The End of the World / New Year’s Eve / The Doctor (HT) / Voices Lost in Snow (HT) / In Youth is Pleasure (HT and TMW) / Between Zero and One (HT) / Varieties of Exile (HT) / 1933 (AtB) / The Chosen Husband (AtB) / From Cloud to Cloud (AtB) / Florida (AtB) / Let It Pass / In a War / The Concert Party


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