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The Other Paris (1956)

The Other Paris (MHiB)/ Autumn Day / Poor Franzi / Going Ashore / The Picnic (MHiB) / The Deceptions of Marie-Blanche / Wing’s Chips / The Legacy / One Morning in June / About Geneva (MHiB) / Señor Pinedo / A Day Like Any Other (TCoL/GA)

My Heart is Broken (1964)

Acceptance of Their Ways (TEotW and TCoL/GA) / Bernadette (TCoL/GA) / The Moabitess / Its Image on the Mirror: A Short Novel / The Cost of Living (TCoL/GA) / My Heart is Broken (TEotW) / Sunday Afternoon (TCoL/GA) / An Unmarried Man’s Summer (TEotW and SS)/ The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street (HT, TMW, Paris)

The Cost of Living: Early and Uncollected Stories (U.S.)
Going Ashore
 (Canada) (2009)

[Note: This is the current collection in the reading project.]

Going Ashore (TOP) / Wing’s Chips (TOP) / The Legacy (TOP) / Bernadette (MHiB) / From Gamut to Yalta / Paola and Renata / Acceptance of Their Ways (MHiB, TEotW) / Dido Flute, Spouse to Europe / Autumn Day (TOP) / The Picnic (TOP, MHiB) / One Morning in May (TOP) / Siegfried’s Memoirs / Night and Day / A Day Like Any Other (TOP) / A Revised Guide to Paris / The Cost of Living (MHiB) / La Vie Parisienne / Sunday Afternoon (MHiB) / Willi / One Aspect of a Rainy Day / French CrenellationThe Rejection / JAN23 Madeline’s Birthday / JAN30 The Wedding Ring / FEB6 Thieves and Rascals / FEB13 Mousse / FEB20 Travellers Must Be Content / FEB27 On With the New in France / MAR6 The Burgundy Weekend / MAR13 Treading Water / MAR20 Malcolm and Bea

The Pegnitz Junction (1973)

The Pegnitz Junction / The Old Friends / An Autobiography / Ernst in Civilian Clothes / O Lasting Peace / An Alien Flower

The End of the World and Other Stories (1974)

The Other Paris (TOP) / The Picnic (TOP) / About Geneva (TOP) / Acceptance of Their Ways (MHiB) / My Heart is Broken (MHiB) / An Unmarried Man’s Summer (MHiB) / The End of the World / The Accident / Malcolm and Bea (TCoL) / The Prodigal Parent / The Wedding Ring (TCoL) / New Year’s Eve / In the Tunnel

From the Fifteenth District (1979)

The Four Seasons / The Moslem Wife / The Remission / The Latehomecomer / Baum, Gabriel, 1935 — / From the Fifteenth District / Potter / His Mother / Irina

Mavis Gallant Home TruthsHome Truths (1981)

Thank You for the Lovely Tea / Jorinda and Jorindel / Saturday / Up North / Orphans’ Progress / The Prodigal Parent (TEotW) / In the Tunnel (TEotW) / The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street (MHiB) / Bonaventure / Virus X / In Youth is Pleasure / Between Zero and One / Varieties of Exile / Voices Lost in Snow / The Doctor / With a Capital T

Overhead in a Balloon (1985)

Speck’s Idea / Overhead in a Balloon / Luc and His Father / A Painful Affair / Larry / A Flying Start / Grippes and Poche / A Recollection / Rue de Lille / The Colonel’s Child / Lena / The Assembly

In Transit (1988)

By the Sea / In Italy / An Emergency Case / Jeux d’Eté / When We Were Nearly Young / Better Times / A Question of Disposal / The Hunter’s Waking Thoughts / Careless Talk / The Circus / In Transit / The Statues Taken Down / Questions and Answers / Vacances Pax / A Report / The Sunday after Christmas / April Fish / The Captive Niece / Good Deed

Across the Bridge and Other Stories (1993)

1933 / The Chosen Husband / From Cloud to Cloud / Florida / Dédé / Kingdom Come / Across the Bridge / Forain / A State of Affairs / Mlle. Dias de Corta / The Fenton Child

The Moslem Wife (1994)

About Geneva (TOP) / When We Were Nearly Young (IT) / My Heart is Broken (MHiB) / The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street (TEotW and HT) / An Autobiography (TPJ) / Saturday (HT) / The Latehomecomer (15th) / In Youth is Pleasure (HT) / The Moslem Wife / Grippes and Poche (OiaB) / Overhead in a Balloon (OiaB)

Gallant Montreal StoriesThe Selected/Collected Stories of Mavis Gallant (1996)

The Moslem Wife (TMW) / The Four Seasons (15th) / The Fenton Child (AtB) / The Other Paris (TOP) / Across the Bridge (AtB) / The Latehomecomer (15th and TMW) / Senor Pinedo (TOP) / By the Sea (IT) / When We Were Nearly Young (IT and TMW) / The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street (MHiB, HT, TMW, Paris) / The Remission (15th and Paris) / The Captive Niece (IT) / Questions and Answers (IT) / Ernst in Civilian Clothes (TPJ)/ An Unmarried Man’s Summer (MHiB and TEotW) / April Fish (IT) / In Transit (IT) / O Lasting Peace (TPJ) / An Alien Flower (TPJ) / The End of the World (TEotW and Montreal) / New Year’s Eve (TEotW and Montreal) / In the Tunnel (TEotW) / Irina (15th and Paris) / Potter (15th) / Baum, Gabriel 1935 — (15th and Paris) / Speck’s Idea (OiaB and Paris) / From the Fifteenth District (15th, Paris) / The Pegnitz Junction (TPJ) / Luc and His Father (OiaB) / Overhead in a Balloon (OiaB) / Kingdom Come (AtB) / Forain (AtB and Paris) / A State of Affairs (AtB) / Mlle Dias de Corta (AtB and Paris) / Scarves, Beads, Sandals (Paris) / The Doctor (HT and Montreal) / Voices Lost in Snow (HT and Montreal) / In Youth Is Pleasure (HT and Montreal) / Between Zero and One (HT and Montreal)  / Varieties of Exile (HT and Montreal) / 1933 (AtB and Montreal) / The Chosen Husband (AtB and Montreal) / From Cloud to Cloud (AtB and Montreal) / Florida (AtB and Montreal) / A Recollection (OiaB) / The Colonel’s Child (OiaB) / Rue de Lille (OiaB) / Lena (OiaB) / A Painful Affair (OiaB) / A Flying Start (OiaB) / Grippes and Poche (OiaB and TMW and Paris) / In Plain Sight (Paris)

Paris Stories (2002)

The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street (TEotW, HT and TMW) / Irina (15th) / The Latehomecomer (15th and TMW) / In Transit (IT) / The Moslem Wife (TMW) / From the Fifteenth District (15th) / Speck’s Idea (OiaB) / Baum, Gabriel 1935 — (15th) / The Remission (15th) / Grippes and Pcche (OiaB and TMW) / Forain (AtB) / August / Mlle. Dias de Corta (AtB) / In Plain Sight / Scarves, Beads, Sandals

Montreal Stories (2004)

The Fenton Child (AtB) / The End of the World (TEotW) / New Year’s Eve (TEotW) / The Doctor (HT) / Voices Lost in Snow (HT) / In Youth is Pleasure (HT and TMW) / Between Zero and One (HT) / Varieties of Exile (HT) / 1933 (AtB) / The Chosen Husband (AtB) / From Cloud to Cloud (AtB) / Florida (AtB) / Let It Pass / In a War / The Concert Party