Open a book this minute and start reading. Don’t move until you’ve reached page fifty. Until you’ve buried your thoughts in print. Cover yourself with words. Wash yourself away. Dissolve. Carol Shields Republic of Love

Bookish Conversations: Discussed, from A to Z

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Type Writer Keys_AAbbot, Megan The Fever (2014)

Abdou, Angie Maple Leaf Between (2014); The Bone Cage (2007)

Abel, Jordan Maple Leaf the place of scraps (2014)

Abouet, Marguerite Aya de Yopougon (2005; 2008) Illus. Clement Oubrerie Volume One & Two & Three & Four

Aboulela, Leila Lyrics Alley (2010)

Abraham, Carolyn Maple Leaf The Juggler’s Children (2013)

Achebe, Chinua Things Fall Apart (1958)

Adams, Alex White Horse (20

Adams, Hollie Maple Leaf Things You’ve Inherited from Your Mother (2015)

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Americanah (2013)

Adiga, Aravind The White Tiger (2008)

Aiken, Joan The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (1963)

Akbarpour, Ahmad That Night’s Train (2012) Trans. Majid Saghafi, Persian

Al-Solaylee, Kamal Maple Leaf Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes (2012)

Alcott, Louisa May. Little WomenGood WivesLittle Men (1868-1871); Jo’s Boys (1886)

Alexie, Sherman The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian (2007) Illus. Ellen Forney; Indian Killer (1996); Reservation Blues (1996)

Alexis, André Maple Leaf Despair and Other Stories of Ottawa (1994)

Alison, Rosie The Very Thought of You (2009)

Altenberg, Karin Island of Wings (2011)

Anderson, Jessica Tirra Lirra by the River (1978)

Angelou, Maya I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969)

Appanah, Nathacha The Last Brother Trans. Geoffrey Strachan, French (2007)

Aquin, Hubert Maple Leaf Next Episode (1965; Trans. Sheila Fischman 2001)

Archambault, Gilles Maple Leaf In a Minor Key (1987; Trans. David Lobdell 1990)

Aristophane The Zabîme Sisters (1996; Trans. Matt Madden 2010)

Ariyoshi, Sawako The Doctor’s Wife (1966; Trans. Wakako Hironaka and Ann Siller Kostant 1984)

Armstrong, Karen A Short History of Myth (2005)

Armstrong, Kelley Maple Leaf Broken (2006); Haunted (2005), Omens (2013), Visions (2014)

Armstrong, Sally Maple Leaf Ascent of Women (2013)

Armstrong, Théodora Maple Leaf Clear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility (2013)

Arni, Samhita Sita’s Ramayana (2011) Illus. Moyna Chitrakar

Asaro, Catherine Ascendant Sun (2000)

Aslam, Nadeem Season of the Rainbirds (1993)

Atkinson, Andrew and Mark Harris (eds) Maple Leaf Running the Whale’s Back (2013)

Atkinson, Kate Life after Life (2014)

Attenberg, Jami The Middlesteins (2012)

Atwood, Margaret Maple Leaf The Circle Game (1966); The Door (2007); The Handmaid’s Tale (1986); Maddaddam (2013); Negotiating with the Dead (2002); Oryx and Crake (2003); The Penelopiad (2005); Stone Mattress (2014); The Year of the Flood (2009)

Auel, Jean The Clan of the Cave Bear (1980)

Awumey, Edem Dirty Feet (2011) Trans. Lazer Lederhendler

Type Writer Keys_BBach, Tamara Girl from Mars (2003) Trans. Shelley Tanaka, German 2008

Badami, Anita Rau Maple Leaf Tamarind Mem (1996)

Badoe, Adwoa Maple Leaf Pot of Wisdom (2001;) Between Sisters (2010)

Baillie, Martha Maple Leaf The Incident Report (2009)

Bantock, Nick Maple Leaf Griffin and Sabine (1991)

Barbery, Muriel Elegance of the Hedgehog (2006) Trans. Alison Anderson, French  (2008)

Barclay, Linwood Maple Leaf A Tap on the Window (2013)

Barfoot, Joan Maple Leaf Abra (1978); Dancing in the Dark (1982)

Barker, Pat The Eye in the Door(1993); The Ghost Road (1995); Liza’s England (1986), Regeneration (1991)

Basu, Arjun Maple Leaf Waiting for the Man (2014)

Baszile, Jennifer The Black Girl Next Door (2009)

Battle, Matthew The Library: An Unquiet History (2003)

Bauer, Joan Squashed (1992)

Baum, L. Frank The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (1902)

Baxter, John Pound of Paper (2002)

Bayard, Pierre How to Talk about Books You Haven’t Read Trans. Jeffrey Mehlman, French (2007)

Beach, Meg Maple Leaf Go Home Lake (2015)

Beattie, Steven W. Maple Leaf The Journey Prize 26 (Ed. with Craig Davidson and  Saleema Nawaz 2014)

Beauman, Nicola A Very Great Profession (1983) Persephone No. 78; The Other Elizabeth Taylor (2009)

Belair, Kim and Ariadne MacGilllivray Maple Leaf Pure Steele (2013)

Bell, Wade Maple Leaf “Tracie’s Revenge” (2012)

Bengtsson, Jonas T. A Fairy Tale Trans. Charlotte Barslund (2014)

Bennett, Arnold Riceyman Steps (1923)

Bennett, Jonathan Maple Leaf The Colonial Hotel (2014)

Bergen, David Maple Leaf The Matter with Morris (2010); The Age of Hope (2012)

Bergman, Megan Mayhew Birds of a Lesser Paradise (2012)

Berner, Rotraut Susanne The Winter Book (2004)

Bezmozgis, David Maple Leaf The Free World (2010)

Bidini, Dave Maple Leaf Writing Gordon Lightfoot: The Man, The Music, and the World in 1972 (2011)

Bidulka, Anthony Maple Leaf Amuse Bouche (2003)

Birch, Carol Jamrach’s Menagerie (2010)

Birrell, Heather Maple Leaf “BriannaSusannaAlana” (2012)

Bishop-Stall, Shaughnessy Maple Leaf Ghosted (2010)

Bittman, Mark VB6 (2013)

Black, Cara Murder in Belleville (2000)

Black, Holly Tithe (2002)

Blaise, Clark Maple Leaf The Meagre Tarmac (2011)

Blakemore, Erin The Heroine’s Bookshelf (2010)

Bloom, Ronna Maple Leaf Cloudy with a Fire in the Basement (2012)

Blume, Judy Blubber (1974); In the Unlikely Event (2015)

Blunt, Giles Maple Leaf Blackfly Season (2005); By the Time You Read This (2006); Crime Machine (2010)

Bock, DennisMaple Leaf  Going Home Again (2013)

Bodger, Joan How the Heather Looks (1959)

Boggs, Belle Mattaponi Queen (2010)

Borkowski, Andrew J. Maple Leaf Copernicus Avenue (2011)

Boyden, Joseph Maple Leaf The Orenda (2013); Through Black Spruce (2008)

Bozak, Nadia Maple Leaf El Niño (2014); Orphan Love (2007)

Brandt, Di Maple Leaf So this is the world and here I am in it (2007); Speaking of Power Ed. by Tanis MacDonald (2006)

Brand, Dionne Maple Leaf In Another Place, Not Here (1996); Ossuaries (2010)

Bray, Libba A Great and Terrible Beauty (2003)

Brodkey, Harold ”Hofstedt and Jean – and Others”

Bronsky, Alina Broken Glass Park (2008) Trans. Tim Mohr (2010)

Brookner, Anita A Start in Life (1981)

Brooks, Martha Maple Leaf Two Moons in August (1990)

Brosh, Allie Hyperbole and a Half (2013)

Brossard, Nicole Maple Leaf Fences in Breathing (2007) Trans. Susanne de Lotbiniere-Harwood, French (2009)

Broughton, Noelle Maple Leaf Margaret Laurence: A Gift of Grace (2006)

Browne, Christene A. Maple Leaf Two Women (2013)

Burden, Jean Journey Toward Poetry (1966)

Burgess, Tony Maple Leaf Ravenna Gets (2010)

Burnard, Bonnie Maple Leaf “Figurines”

Burnett, Frances Hodgson The Little Princess (1904)

Burrows, Steve Maple Leaf A Siege of Bitterns (2014)

Bush, Catherine Maple Leaf Accusation (2013)

Butler, Octavia E. Kindred (1979)

Buzbee, Lewis The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop (2006)

Byatt, A.S. Angels & Insects (1992)

Bydlowska, Jowita Maple Leaf Drunk Mom (2013)

Type Writer Keys_CCahalan, Susannah Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness (2012)

Camerson, Claire Maple Leaf The Bear (2014)

Cameron, Elspeth Maple Leaf And Beauty Answers (2007); Aunt Winnie (2014)

Campbell, Aifric On the Floor (2012)

Capponi, Pat Maple Leaf The Corpse Will Keep (2008)

Carleson, J.C. The Tyrant’s Daughter (2014)

Carrier, Roch Maple Leaf The Hockey Sweater and Other Stories (2012)

Carroll, Emily Maple Leaf Through the Woods (2014)

Carroll, Sean B. Remarkable Creatures (2009)

Carter, Angela Shadow Dance (1966)

Cassella, Carol Gemini (2014)

Catton, Eleanor Maple Leaf The Rehearsal (2008); The Luminaries (2013)

Chang, Janie Maple Leaf Three Souls (2013)

Chikawanine, Michel with Jessica Dee Humphreys Child Soldier (2015) Illus. Claudia Dávila

Choi, Ins Maple Leaf The Subway Stations of the Cross (2015)

Chong, Denise Maple Leaf Lives of the Family (2013)

Chong, Kevin Maple Leaf Beauty Plus Pity (2011)

Choy, Wayson Maple Leaf The Jade Peony (1995)

Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920); Murder on the Links (1923)

Christie, Michael Maple Leaf The Beggar’s Garden (2011)

Cisneros, Sandra “Mexican Movies”

Clark, Joan Maple Leaf The Birthday Lunch (2015)

Clark, Kathy Maple Leaf Guardian Angel House (2009)

Clarke, Austin Maple Leaf The Meeting Point (1967); More (2008)

Clarke, George Eliott Maple Leaf Whylah Falls (1990); Execution Poems: The Black Acadian Tragedy of ‘George and Rue’ (2001)

Cleary, Beverly The Ramona series (Ramona the Pest (Illus. Louis Darling) 1968; Ramona the Brave (Illus.Alan Tiegreen) 1975; Ramona and Her Father (Illus. Alan Tiegreen) 1975; Ramona and Her Mother (Illus. Alan Tiegreen) 1979; Ramona Quimby, Age 8 1981; Ramona Forever 1984; Ramona’s World 1999)

Cleary, Beverly Dear Mr. Henshaw (1983)

Cliff, Michelle Free Enterprise (1993)

Close, Jennifer The Smart One (2013)

Coady, Lynn Maple Leaf Play the Monster Blind (2000); The Antagonist (2011); Hellgoing (2013)

Colapinto, John Maple Leaf Undone (2015)

Cole, T.J. Open City (2011)

Colette Ripening Seed (1923) Trans. Roger Senhouse, French (1959)

Collier, Deryn Maple Leaf Confined Space (2012); Open Secret (2014)

Comeau, Joey Maple Leaf Overqualified (2009); One Bloody Thing after Another (2010)

Comyns, Barbara Sisters by a River (1947); The Vet’s Daughter (1959)

Constable, Benjamin Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa (2013)

Conville, Clare, Liz Hoggard, and Sarah-Jane Lovett (eds.) The Book for Dangerous Women (2011)

Cook, Diane Man V Nature (2014)

Cook, Lyn Maple Leaf Samantha’s Secret Room (1973)

Coolidge, Susan M What Katy Did (1872); What Katy Did at School (1873); What Katy Did Next (1886)

Cooper, Afua Maple Leaf The Hanging of Angélique (2006)

Cooper, Duff Operation Heartbreak (1950)

Cottin, Menena The Black Book of Colors (2008) Trans. Lisa Amado, Trans. CNIB, Braille Illus. Rosana Faria

Coupland, Douglas Maple Leaf Generation X (1991)

Cowan, Lissa M. Maple Leaf Milk Fever (2013)

Cox, Daniel Allen Maple Leaf Krakow Melt (2010)

Coyote, Ivan Maple Leaf Missed Her (2010)

Crafts, Hannah The Bondwoman’s Narrative(est. 1853-1861)

Crane, Elizabeth We Only Know So Much (2012)

Crosbie, Lynn Maple Leaf Life Is About Losing Everything (2012); Where Did You Sleep Last Night (2015)

Crozier, Lorna Maple Leaf The Wrong Cat (2015)

Crummey, Michael Maple Leaf  Galore (2009); Sweetland (2014)

Cullen, Lynn Mrs. Poe (2013)

Cullen, Nancy Jo Maple Leaf Canary (2013)

Cummings, John Michael Ugly to Start With (2011)

Cunningham, Michael A Home at the End of the World (1990); By Nightfall (2010)

Curtis, Christopher Paul Bud, Not Buddy (1999)

Cutter, Nick Maple Leaf The Troop (2014); The Deep (2015)

Type Writer Keys_DD’Aguiar, Fred The Longest Memory (1994)

Danticat, Edwidge Create Dangerously (2010)

Davidson, Craig Maple Leaf Cataract City (2013); The Journey Prize 26 (Ed. with Steven W. Beattie and  Saleema Nawaz 2014)

Davis, Lauren B. Maple Leaf Against a Darkening Sky (2015); The Empty Room (2013); Our Daily Bread (2011)

Davis, Tanya Maple Leaf At First, Lonely (2011)

Davol, Marguerite W. Batwings and the Curtain of Night Illus. Mary GrandPré (1997)

De Mariaffi, Elizabeth Maple Leaf How to Get Along with Women: Short Stories (2012)

De Sa, Anthony Maple Leaf Kicking the Sky (2013)

de Valéra, Sinead Irish Fairy Tales (1973)

de Vries, Maggie Maple Leaf  Big City Bees (2012) Illus. Renné Benoit

Debon, Nicolas Maple Leaf Four Pictures by Emily Carr (2003)

Deacon, Gillian Maple Leaf Naked Imperfection (2014)

Deaver, Jeffery The Bone Collector (1997); The Skin Collector (2014)

DeJong, Meindert The Almost All-White Rabbity Cat (1972) Illus. H.B. Vestal; Shadrach (1953) Illus. Maurice Sendak

Delijani, Sahar Children of the Jacaranda Tree (2013)

DeLint, Charles Maple Leaf Dreams Underfoot (1993)

Dempster, Barry  Maple Leaf The Outside World (2014)

Deutsch, Barry Hereville (2010)

DeWitt, Helen Lightning Rods (2011)

DeWitt, Patrick Maple Leaf The Sisters Brothers (2011)

Diamond, Jared Guns, Germs and Steel (1997)

Dickens, Monica Mariana (1940); The House at World’s End (1970); Summer at World’s End (1971); World’s End in Winter (1972); Spring Comes to World’s End (1973)

Dickner, Nicolas Maple Leaf Nikolski (2005) Trans. Lazer Lederhendler, French (2008)

Divakaruni, Chitra One Amazing Thing (2009)

Doctor, Farzana Maple Leaf Stealing Nasreen (2007); Six Metres of Pavement (2012)

Doerr, Anthony All the Light We Cannot See (2014)

Doidge, Norman Maple Leaf The Brain That Changes Itself (2007)

Dominguez, Carlos Maria The House of Paper Trans. Nick Caistor, Spanish; Illus. Peter Sis

Dominic, Magie Maple Leaf Street Angel (2014)

Donoghue, Emma Maple Leaf Kissing the Witch (1997); Room (2010)

Doshi, Tishani The Pleasure Seekers (2010)

Doughty, Louise A Novel in a Year (2007); Whatever You Love (2010)

Douglas, Rhonda Maple Leaf Welcome to the Circus (2015)

Doyle, Alan Maple Leaf Where I Belong (2014)

Drabble, Margaret The Garrick Year (1964); Jerusalem the Golden (1967); The Pure Gold Baby (2013)

Draper, Sharon M. Tears of a Tiger (1994)

Dueñas, Maria The Time In Between (Trans. Daniel Hahn, 2011)

Dugan, Polly So Much a Part of You (2014)

DuMaurier, Daphne The Birds and Other Stories (1952); The Flight of the Falcon (1965)

Duncan, Lois Down a Dark Hall (1974); Five Were Missing (1972)

Dunn, Mark Ella Minnow Pea: A Novel in Letters (2001)

Durrow, Heidi W. The Girl Who Fell From the Sky (2010)

Dusoulier, Clotilde The French Market Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes from My Parisian Kitchen


Type Writer Keys_EEager, Edward Half Magic (1954); Magic by the Lake (1957)

Echlin, Kim Maple Leaf Elizabeth Smart: A Fugue on Women and Creativity (2004);
  Inanna (2003) Illus. Linda Wolfsgruber

Edugyan, Esi Maple Leaf Half-Blood Blues (2010)

Edwards, Julie Andrews Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles (1974)

Edwards-Stout Kergan Songs for the New Depression (2011)

Egan, Jennifer A Visit from the Goon Squad (2010)

Ellis, Sarah Outside In (2014)

Endicott, Marina Maple Leaf Close to Hugh (2015); Good to a Fault(2008); The Little Shadows (2011)

Engel, Marian Maple Leaf Dear Marian, Dear Hugh: The MacLennan-Engel Correspondence (Ed. Christl Verduyn) (1995)

English, Isobel Every Eye (1956)

Enright, Anne The Forgotten Waltz (2011)

Eso, David and Jeanette Lynes (Eds.) Maple Leaf Where the Nights Are Twice as Long (2014)

Type Writer Keys_FFabre, Dominique The Waitress Was NeTrans. Jordan Stump, French (2005)

Fagan, Cary Maple Leaf My Life among the Apes (2012); A Bird’s Eye (2013)

Fallis, Terry Maple Leaf The Best Laid Plans (2007); No Relation (2014)

Fantetti, Eufemia Maple Leaf A Recipe for Disaster and Other Unlikely Tales of Love (2014)

Farooqi, Musharraf Ali Between Clay and Dust (2012; 2014)

Farooki, Roopa The Flying Man (2012)

Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh River Cottage Veg: 200 Inspired Vegetable Recipes (2013)

Ferguson, Trevor Maple Leaf The River Burns (2014)

Ferguson, Will Maple Leaf 419 (2012)

Ferris, Joshua Then We Came to the End (2007); To Rise Again at a Decent Hour (2014); The Unnamed (2010)

Findley, Timothy Maple Leaf Spadework (2005), The Wars (1977)

Fitzgerald, James Maple Leaf What Disturbs Our Blood (2010)

Fitzhugh, Louise Harriet the Spy (1964)

Flaubert, Gustav Madame Bovary (1857)

Flood, Cynthia Maple Leaf The English Stories (2009); Red Girl Rat Boy (2013)

Forbes, Elena Die With Me (2007); Jigsaw Man (2015)

Forster, E.M. The Longest Journey (1907)

Fortier, Dominique Maple Leaf Wonder (2010; Trans. Sheila Fischman)

Foss, Krista Maple Leaf Smoke River (2014)

Fostaty, Gerry Maple Leaf As You Were (2011)

Foster, Cecil Maple Leaf Independence (2014)

Fowles, Stacey May Maple Leaf Be Good (2007); Infidelity (2013)

Franzen, Jonathan The Corrections (2001);Freedom (2010); Purity (2015)

Fu, Kim Maple Leaf For Today I Am a Boy (2014)

Fuller, Claire Our Endless Summer Days (2015)

Type Writer Keys_GGaiman, Neil Odd and the Frost Giants (2009); Stardust (1997)

Galbraith, Robert The Cuckoo’s Calling (2013); The Silkworm (2014)

Gallant, Mavis Maple Leaf Home Truths (1981)

Galloway, Steven Maple Leaf The Confabulist (2014)

Gardam, Jane Going Into a Dark House (1994); The Queen of the Tambourine (1991)

Gartner, Zsuzsi Maple Leaf Better Living Through Plastic Explosives (2011)

Gavalda, Anna Je l’aimais (2002)

George, Jean Craighead Owl in the Shower (1995)

Gerson, Carole & Gwendolyn Davies Maple Leaf Canadian Poetry (1994)

Ghatage, Shree Maple Leaf Awake When All the World is Asleep (1997)

Gibson, Graeme Maple Leaf Five Legs (1969)

Gilchrist, Ellen Acts of God (2014)

Gillmor, Don Maple Leaf Mount Pleasant (2013)

Gilmour, David Maple Leaf Extraordinary (2013)

Giovanni, Nikki Rosa (Illus. Bryan Collier) (2005)

Glattauer, Daniel  Love Virtually (2006) Trans. Katharina Bielenberg and Jamie Bulloch, German (2011)

Godden, Rumer The Dolls’ House (1948)

Goldberg, Myra Wickett’s Remedy (2005)

Golding, William The Lord of the Flies (1954)

Goobie, Beth Maple Leaf The First Principles of Dreaming (2014)

Gopnik, Adam Winter (2011)

Gornick, Vivian The Situation and the Story (2001)

Goto, Hiromi Maple Leaf Chorus of Mushrooms (1993); Darkest Light (2012); Half World (2009); The Kappa Child (2001); The Water of Possibility (2001)

Gowdy, Barbara Maple Leaf “Ninety-three Million Miles Away”

Gowers, Rebecca The Twisted Heart (2009)

Grady, Wayne Maple Leaf Emancipation Day (2013)

Graham, Genevieve Maple Leaf Tides of Honour (2015)

Gray, Charlotte Maple Leaf The Massey Murder (2014)

Green, John Looking for Alaska (2005)

Greene, Alanda Maple Leaf Napi’s Dance (2012)

Greenwald, Sheila It All Began with Jane Eyre (1980)

Griggs, Terry Maple Leaf Cat’s Eye Corner (2000); The Silver Door (2004); Invisible Ink (2006)

Gripe, Maria Josephine (1961); Hugo and Josephine (1962); Hugo (1966); Trans. Paul Britten Austin, Illus. Harald Gripe, Swedish

Greer, Darren Maple Leaf Still Life with June (2003)

Gregory, Philippa The Lady of the Rivers (2011)

Groulx, David A. Maple Leaf Under God’s Pale Bones (2010)

Gruen, Sara Ape House (2010)

Gunn, Carla Maple Leaf Amphibian (2009)

Gunn, Genni Maple Leaf Solitaria (2010)

Gunnars, Kristjana Maple Leaf The Rose Garden (1996); The Substance of Forgetting (1992)

Type Writer Keys_HHa, Khanh Flesh (2012), The Demon Who Peddled Longing (2014)

Haasse, Hella S. The Tea Lords: A Novel of Java (1992) Trans. Ina Rilke, Dutch (2010)

Haddix, Margaret Peterson Running out of Time (1995)

Hadley, Tessa London Train (2011)

Hage, Rawi Maple Leaf  Carnival (2012); Cockroach (2008); De Niro’s Game (2006)

Hall, Sarah The Wolf Border (2015)

Hamid, Mohsin How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (2015)

Hamilton, Cicely William: An Englishman Persephone No. 1 (1919)

Hamilton, Ian Maple Leaf  The Water Rat of Wanchai (2011); The Disciple of Las Vegas (2011); The Wild Beasts of Wuhan (2012); The Red Pole of Macau (2012)

Hamilton, Virginia The House of Dies Drear (Illus. Eros Keith, 1968); The People Could Fly (Illus.  Leo and Diane Dillon, 2004)

Hanff, Helene 84 Charing Cross Road (1970)

Hannaford, Susan Doherty Maple Leaf A Secret Music (2015)

Harbach, Chad The Art of Fielding (2011)

Hardy, Thomas Tess of the D’Urbervilles (1891)

Harris, Alexandra Romantic Moderns (2010)

Harris, Amy Lavender Maple Leaf  Imagining Toronto (2010)

Harris, Charlaine Dead Until Dark (2001), Living Dead in Dallas (2002), Club Dead (2003), Dead to the World (2004)

Harris, Doug Maple Leaf  You comma Idiot (2010)

Harris, Jane Gillespie and I (2012)

Harris, Mark and Andrew Atkinson Maple Leaf   Running the Whale’s Back (2014)

Harvor, Elisabeth Maple Leaf  “The Student’s Soirée”

Haupt, Lyanda Lynn Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness (2009)

Hautzig, Deborah Hey Dollface (1978)

Head, Bessie Maru (1971)

Headrick, Paul Maple Leaf  That Tune Clutches My Heart (2008), The Doctrine of Affections (2010)

Hegi, Ursula “Props for Faith”

Helwig, David and Sandra Martin, eds. Maple Leaf  84: Best Canadian Stories (1985)

Henderson, Caspar The Book of Barely Imagined Beings (2012)

Henderson, Emma Grace Williams Says It Loud (2010)

Henderson, Gordon Maple Leaf  Man in the Shadows (2014)

Henriquez, Cristina The Book of Unknown Americans (2014)

Hepburn, Janet Maple Leaf  Flee, Fly, Flown (2013)

Heti, Sheila Maple Leaf How Should a Person Be? (2012)

Hicks, Faith Erin Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong (2013)

Highway, Tomson Maple Leaf Kiss of the Fur Queen(1998); The (Post) Mistress (2013); A Tale of Monstrous Extravagance (2015)

Hill, Lawrence Maple Leaf Blood (2013); The Book of Negroes (2007)

Hill, Miranda Maple Leaf  Sleeping Funny(2012);The Journey Prize 25 (Ed. with Mark Medley and Russell Wangersky 2013)

Hillesum, Etty An Interrupted Life (1941-43)

Hinds, Gareth The Odyssey (2010 graphic novel of Homer’s epic tale)

Hingston, Michael Maple Leaf The Dilettantes (2013)

Hodgson, Vere Few Eggs and No Oranges: 1940-45 (1999)

Hoffman, Alice The Dovekeepers (2011); The Museum of Extraordinary Things(2014)

Holdstock, Pauline Maple Leaf The Hunter and the Wild Girl (2015); Into the Heart of the Country (2011)

Holeman, Linda Maple Leaf  The Devil on Her Tongue (2014)

Holman, Felice Slake’s Limbo (1974)

Holmqvist, Ninni The Unit (2006) Trans. Marlaine Delargy, Swedish (2008)

Holtby, Winifred Poor Caroline (1931); South Riding (1936)

Homer The Odyssey

Hoogland, Cornelia Maple Leaf Woods Wolf Girl (2011)

Hoose, Phillip Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice (2009)

Hopkins, Ellen Crank (2004); Fallout (2010); Glass (2007); Tricks (2009)

Hopkinson, Nalo Maple Leaf  The Chaos (2012);The New Moon’s Arms (2007)

Horlock, Mary The Book of Lies (2011)

Hosseini, Khaled And the Mountains Echoed (2013)

Hough, Robert Maple Leaf Dr. Brinkley’s Tower (2012) And, again!; The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan (2015)

Howard, Blanche Maple Leaf  Dreaming in a Digital Age (2010); The Ice Maiden (2015); Penelope’s Way (2001)

Hrabal, Bohumil Too Loud a Solitude (1976) Trans. Michael Henry Heim, Czech (1990)

Hunt, Laird Neverhome (2014)

Hunt, Samantha The Seas (2004)

Hurston, Zora Neale Jonah’s Gourd Vine (1934)

Hyland, M.J. This is How (2009)


Type Writer Keys_IIhimaera, Witi The Whale Rider (1987)

Inman, Keith Maple Leaf The War Poems: Screaming at the Sky (2014)

Irie, Kevin Maple Leaf  Viewing Tom Thomson, A Minority Report (2012)

Islam, Ghalib Maple Leaf  Fire in the Unnameable Country (2014)

Ivey, Eowyn The Snow Child (2012)





Type Writer Keys_JJackman, Clifford Maple Leaf The Winter Family (2015)

Jacques, Brian Redwall (1986)

Jamal, Tasmeen Where the Air is Sweet (2014)

Jarman, Mark Anthony Maple Leaf Knife Party at the Hotel Europa (2015)

Jekyll, Agnes The Kitchen Essays (1922)

Jennings, Maureen Maple Leaf  Except the Dying (1997); Under the Dragon’s Tail (1998)

Jennings, Sharon Maple Leaf  Home Free (2009); Connecting Dots (2015)

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