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Japanese Literature Challenge 4

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Goal: Read one Japanese Novel between June 1, 2010 and Jan 31, 2011

I took some courses in university in Japanese History and read a fair number of novels then, but, since, I have read Japanese authors spottily.

One particular favourite, however, is Banana Yoshimoto and I still have one of her works to look forward to: Hardboiled and Hard Luck Trans. from the Japanese by Michael Emmerich (1999, trans. 2005). I fell in love with Kitchen and, since, have read some of her novels, so it’s with mixed feelings that I strike the last of her translated works from my list.

And I might yet get to these two, for bonus points:
The Apprenticeship of Big Toe P by Rieko Matsuura (1994, trans. Michael Emmerich 2009)
and Miyuki Miyabe’s Crossfire (1998).


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  • I loved Kitchen, also, and I just finished the second work of hers that I’ve read: Goodbye Tsugumi. She’s a wonderful author. I’m glad you’ve joined the JLC4, and I look forward to your thoughts and reviews. Welcome!

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