The Writing Life: Langston Hughes (1 of 4)


When you have been thrilled by a book, and you discover that someone has written a letter about being thrilled with that same book, even if it was a hundred years ago, it invites a certain companionship. When that letter-writer is writing to the author of that collection, you feel

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#ShortStory Project 2021-22: Alistair MacLeod


“All of us are better when we are loved.” The film Reading Alistair MacLeod begins with this quotation. It’s a lovely way to summarize his oeuvre. In the film, Colm Tóibín speaks of the process of discovering MacLeod’s work through editing the Modern Library’s Best 200 Writers project; he

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In My Stacks: Early 2021


Many of the books in my February reading stack also fit with the celebration of independent publishers #ReadIndies hosted by Kaggsy and Lizzy this month: Archipelago Books, QC Fiction, Nimbus Books, Tin House, Duke University Press, and Allery Editions (links below). Later this month, I’ll chat more about independent publications

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Slavery: Past and Present #280898 Reasons (1 of 4)


In the past few weeks, I’ve read a few books for this reading project; at this rate, I will easily read the 32 books I’m aiming for (representing the percentage of people in one American state, who voted in November 2020 on a bill which maintained the legal option to

Slavery: Past and Present #280898 Reasons (1 of 4)2021-02-01T17:25:23-05:00

Planning: 2021’s Reading


Our public libraries remain open for curb-side pick-ups, which I'm grateful for, because many of these projects rely on borrowed materials. After they've been returned, however, the library keeps materials in quarantine for 6-8 days, so they are not removed from a borrower's record for that length of time,

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