Re-reading Emily: L.M. Montgomery, Again


Exploring a coffee shop near Riverdale Park last week, I started a conversation with a young woman reading at the communal table in the back, while I waited for Mr. BIP who was waiting for the coffees (he was enjoying the view across the park and greeting the four-legged companions

Re-reading Emily: L.M. Montgomery, Again2017-07-24T18:42:46-05:00

The smell of chalkboard dust and soil


Image links to Pickle Me This, home of the Challenge   Martha Ostenso's Wild Geese (1925) This feels, to me, like the quintessentially Canadian novel, the sort that I can imagine being assigned by English teachers (well, except for a couple of scenes that would have undoubtedly ruffled

The smell of chalkboard dust and soil2014-03-09T12:46:03-05:00
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