Mavis Gallant’s “A Day Like Any Other” (1953)


There is less than a year between Jane and Ernestine Kennedy, young sisters who “resemble little Renoirs”. They live with their mother, Mrs. Kennedy, who is so preoccupied with caring for their father, that the girls have a minder, Frau Stengel (their sixth). Jane Wyman in “Das Herz Einer Mutti”

Mavis Gallant’s “A Day Like Any Other” (1953)2017-03-26T13:27:13-05:00

Dutch Lit Weekend: A Belated Celebration


So Iris' Dutch Lit month was in June, right? Many of you likely participated during June. Which, of course, was the point: a shared celebration of Dutch Lit. I was planning to do that too. And I did have my copy of Hella S. Haasse's The Tea Lords well ahead

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Mary Norton’s The Borrowers (1953)


Mary Norton's The Borrowers (1953) Illus. Beth and Joe Krush Harcourt Young Classics, 1998 Beyond the dark passages beneath the floor. Past the strong gates, barred with safety pins, that only Pod knows how to open. There: upstairs. There: the potential to be people. Arrietty has never known of

Mary Norton’s The Borrowers (1953)2014-03-14T19:34:32-05:00
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