Thirteen Canadian Books via The Book Mine Set


The Canadian Book Challenge was one of the first community reading events/challenges that I joined online. For ten years it was hosted by The Book Mine Set, then The Indextrious Reader hosted for the past two years and, now, the baton has been passed to Canadian Bookworm, who will

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Autumn 2018: In My Reading Log


Elisabeth Sanxay Holding’s The Blank Wall (1947) “It was a mystery story she had got out of the lending library for her father, and she was not fond of mystery stories. Nobody in them ever seems to feel sorry about murders, she had said.” How unfortunate that Lucia is

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Louise Erdrich’s The Antelope Wife (1998)


Maybe it was because I read this one immediately following Tales of Burning Love, so I was more completely immersed in Erdrich-ness than I have been, yet, in this reading project. Or, maybe its more prominent air of mysticism charmed me from the first whiff. Either way, I loved

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Thomas King’s Coyote Stories


I was just mentioning Coyote stories a couple of months ago, in my Spring Quarterly round-up of short fiction. But these illustrated coyote stories are inviting for both younger and older readers. Two of the tales are illustrated by Johnny Wales, full-sized and full-colour (and mostly double-spread) illustrations,

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February 2016, In My Stacks


It's a bright sunny day, when I snap this photo. I'm even more optimistic when I think of a month's reading, when the sun shines. More hours with good reading light. And, in February. What could be better. You can see the sheen of it in the image, the veil

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