Broken: Careers, Contracts, Society


Each of these novels considers a shattered state of being, whether the devastation plays out through the cycle of addiction or societal breakdown or international conflicts. The characters employ a variety of coping mechanisms and the authors' styles are diverse; Elizabeth Renzetti's Based on a True Story, Edan Lepucki's California and Audrey

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Richard Wagamese’s Medicine Walk (2014)


One might say that Medicine Walk is a novel about the disconnect between a father and a son. McClelland & Stewart, 2014 “Eldon Starlight. Franklin Starlight. Four blunt syllables conjuring nothing. When he appeared the kid would watch him and whisper his name under his breath, waiting for

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Billie Livingston’s One Good Hustle (2012)


Sammie Bell is sixteen years old and has just hustled her way into living in the basement of her friend Jill's house. Random House Canada, 2012 She has already been there for two weeks before Jill's mom even started asking questions, and, then, Sammie knows just what to

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Tomson Highway’s Kiss of the Fur Queen (1998)


Tomson Highway's Kiss of the Fur Queen Doubleday 1998 It’s February and Abraham Okimasis is on a sled pulled by eight huskies, racing to the finish line in northern Manitoba. That’s the opening scene of Tomson Highway’s first novel, Kiss of the Fur Queen. The reader, however, receives mixed messages

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