Lauren Carter’s Prose and Poetry: A Backwards Glance


Here’s the part where I put aside Lauren Carter’s This Has Nothing to Do With You, this passage about Melony Barrett: “I couldn’t have known what would be waiting when I woke up, that I’d spent the night on the rapidly diminishing surface of my childhood, that last patch

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“Messenger” Alice Munro


When I began rereading The View from Castle Rock, I stumbled. It had not been a favourite and my return was not an easy one. I wondered if this had something to do with my personal response to the idea of expecting words to hold losses. I had lost a

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“What Do You Want to Know For?” Alice Munro


And, "Who Do You Think You Are?" McClelland & Stewart, 2006 As readers approach the final tale in this collection, it seems appropriate to have it titled with a question. Whatever might be resolved in the effort of creating a narrative in which to secure one's ancestors, one could

“What Do You Want to Know For?” Alice Munro2017-07-25T11:22:27-05:00

“Home” Alice Munro


McClelland & Stewart, 2006 Alice's father has remarried, and Irlma has made many changes in the house. "Irlma is a stout and rosy woman, with tinted butterscotch curls, brown eyes in which there is still a sparkle, a look of emotional readiness, of being always on the brink

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