Claire Messud’s The Woman Upstairs (2013)


Even before I met Nora, the narrator of The Woman Upstairs, I had already brushed up against talk of her anger. Knopf - Random House, 2013 First, Claire Messud's NPR interview includes the author reading the novel's opening paragraphs. (That's the now-oft-quoted rant, which begins with "I'm a

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More in Anger: Delicate and Brutal


When readers meet Opal, the first of three narrators in J. Jill Robinson's More in Anger, she is stitching her wedding dress and veil. Thomas Allen & Son, 2012 "Every once in a while one of the ring's claws caught on the veil's netting, and Opal carefully released

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Unwritten: The Antagonist


Lynn Coady's The Antagonist House of Anansi, 2011 The protagonist in The Antagonist is Rank. Actually, Gordon Rankin. But he's insisted, since he was twelve years old, that his friends call him Rank. Now it occurs to him that he's been instructing people to call him stinky, but that's not

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