Whitney Scharer’s The Age of Light (2019)


When Whitney Scharer describes her goal in writing The Age of Light, I’m all in. She wants “to present Lee as the complicated woman she was: beautiful and talented, of course, but also flawed and fragile, and it was more important to me to get this right than to

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A Trio of Louise Erdrich Novels


Talk of The Painted Drum (2005), The Plague of Doves (2008) and Shadow Tag (2010) in under 300 words each, with an eye to finishing a project. The Painted Drum is one of Erdrich’s accessible novels (I also recommend The Last Miracles at Little No Horse and The Master Butchers Singing

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Page Turners: Thieves, Bombs, Predators, Gunshots, and Oil Spills


In which pages are turned, at a faster rate than usual. Character-soaked, but still fast-paced storytelling. Cherie Dimaline's The Marrow Thieves (2017) is set in a future in which the dominant culture has determined that the blood of indigenous peoples holds an inherent value for healing. Exploitation and genocide ensue. This

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Mavis Gallant’s “The Cost of Living”


It begins in darkness. South side of the Luxembourg Gardens "Louise, my sister, talked to Sylvie Laval for the first time on the stairs of our hotel on a winter afternoon. At five o’clock the skylight over the stairway and the blank, black windows on each of the

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Reading Trio: Native North


For last year's Canadian book challenge, I chose to read on a theme: indigenous authors, inspired by some past favourites. But I neglected the northern natives. This reading trio will serve as a bridge into this year's Canadian book challenge. And, hey, it's not too late to join! The Shanawdithit spread

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