Magazine: Alexie on the cover of “World Literature Today”


I was looking for a copy of the new Poets&Writers on the newstand today. I know, I could likely check their website and find out the date it's issued, but I prefer the old-fashioned scouting method. Partly because disappointment on that score can lead to happy discoveries, like happening upon

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Here is their Mission Statement: I think you'll like it. Rain Taxi champions literary culture through programs and publications that foster engagement with innovative writing. See? What did I tell you? It's right up your reading alley. And, if you were to turn to the Spring 2010 issue (Vol. 15,

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Magazine: Brick


When I re-subscribed to Brick Magazine earlier this year, a pull-down menu asked how I had heard about their publication. I sat and thought about it but finally filled the field with this: I feel as though I've always known about Brick. But, when I revisit my magazine files (carefully

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Magazine: Bookmarks


The new issue of Bookmarks appearing in my mailbox is always a happy time. At one time it would be closely followed by a trip to the library, issue in hand, but now it's closely followed by a lengthy session of list-making (and, sometimes, drooling). This issue didn't provoke a

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