Quarterly Stories: Spring 2018


Endicott, Manto, King, Bruneau and Lispector Short Stories in January, February and March Whether in a dedicated collection or a magazine, these stories capture a variety of reading moods. This quarter, I returned to two favourite writers and also explored three new-to-me story writers.

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Canada, Between the Pages


One of the issues considered in today's show is: how important is a strong sense of place and time for a book to engage a reader with a story. It *is* important, isn't it. So important that, just with reading that sentence, at least one book, more likely several, came

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A seriously satisfying novel


Ann-Marie MacDonald's Fall on Your Knees (1996) Image links to Canada Reads 2010   This is a re-read for me, and the last of the books I've been reading and re-reading with 2010's Canada Reads in mind. I heard a few people commenting on how hard (even how

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Reading for Canada Reads 2010


The thing about my readolutions is that they are never simple. So, yes, there's this concise list of 12 books, casually distributed across various categories of interest that I declare I must read in 2010. But this tidy list only hints at other lists. For instance, there are 3 Canlit

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