Lynn Coady’s Watching You Without Me (2020)


Within the first few pages of Watching You Without Me, I was reminded of why I enjoy Lynn Coady’s work so much, her capacity to inhabit characters so thoroughly. Here, we have Karen, who’s returned to Nova Scotia to settle matters with her developmentally disabled older sister, following their

Lynn Coady’s Watching You Without Me (2020)2020-10-13T10:17:41-05:00

“The Ticket” Alice Munro


The title of this story suggests a journey, travel and a destination. But the story itself focuses on the precursors to such events: the preparations and anticipation. McClelland & Stewart, 2006 Nonetheless, "The Ticket" is preoccupied with the concept of movement, shifting position, moving from one zone to another

“The Ticket” Alice Munro2017-07-25T11:21:07-05:00
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