What Makes Families Tick


The family stories in contemporary CanLit are not all that different from the stories and novels read by my grandmother’s generation. The women in my family did not read obsessively, no, but regularly, yes. What else was there to do in the evenings when your favourite show was in reruns

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Shadow Giller: Patrick DeWitt’s French Exit (2018)


Shadow Giller review contents: In Short, a 300-word and spoiler-free summary, intended to have a broad appeal; In Detail, elaborating on one aspect of the book which I found remarkable (perhaps only interesting for others who have read the book or who have an interest more mechanical aspects of

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David Huebert’s Peninsula Sinking (2017)


Although I am always interested in the short fiction which Biblioasis publishes (thanks to the likes of K.D. Miller and Kathy Page), it was Naomi’s review of this collection which urged me to fetch a copy of this from the Yorkville library downtown. This is not my usual branch,

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Thomas King’s Dreadfulwater Mysteries (Books 1 – 3)


Thumps Dreadfulwater. That’s his Indian name. No, wait, that’s his actual name. Which is when you know that you are not, actually, in Chinook, where Thumps Dreadfulwater solves cases. You are in Thomas King country. Readers of King’s An Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North

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Mavis Gallant’s “An Unmarried Man’s Summer” (1963)


Walter is just a kid, in comparison to the elderly widows with whom he spends most of his time. And perhaps when he's driving his sporty little Singer, he's not thinking about ending things. But in quiet moments, despair sneaks up on him. Promenade des anglais, Nice, 1960

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