Sean Michaels’ Us Conductors (2014)


Sean Michaels’ prose invites readers to participate in the relationship between sound and shape through the simple but beautiful language of Us Conductors. Random House of Canada, 2014 His images are simple and fresh, and they are momentarily disorienting – as beautiful things can be. “I didn’t laugh

Sean Michaels’ Us Conductors (2014)2015-03-22T12:00:48-05:00

Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites (2013)


Who is Agnes? Little, Brown and Company, 2013 "Criminal. The word hangs in the air. Heavy, unmoved by the bluster of the wind. I want to shake my head. That word does not belong to me, I want to say. It doesn’t fit me or who I am.

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Ania Szado’s Studio Saint-Ex (2013)


"There’s no backstitching in stories. Nothing can be locked in place." So says a character in Studio Saint-Ex, but readers of Ania Szado's second novel might disagree; she seems to have no trouble locking a good story in place. She began where all good stories begin, with a fascination. In

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Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda (2013)


Twenty-two years ago, I clipped an article from a Toronto newspaper about the restoration of Sainte-Marie among the Hurons near Midland, Ontario. I had studied the history of the mission and the slaughter of the Jesuit priests when I was in elementary school, culminating in a vague understanding of it

Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda (2013)2014-05-13T14:06:07-05:00

Wayne Johnston’s The Son of a Certain Woman (2013)


"The Son of A Certain Woman. You don’t have to have read Joyce to 'get' it. But it’s a touch more fun if you have." And that is because it is Wayne Johnston's "Joyce book". Which one might take to mean that it's about the Joyce family. (Primarily about Percy

Wayne Johnston’s The Son of a Certain Woman (2013)2014-07-11T16:38:32-05:00
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