Dear Reader: What’s Told? Or, the Telling of It?


In my recent reading, it’s been as much about how the story is told as it’s been about the story itself. This certainly isn’t a new idea—these examples span three decades—but sometimes the phenomenon is more prevalent in my stacks. Maybe you’ve read some of these, or maybe

Dear Reader: What’s Told? Or, the Telling of It?2020-05-15T15:05:12-05:00

“Dimensions” Alice Munro


Things that you can slip between. They are often 'new' in nature. Perspectives transform. If I was playing $30,000 Pyramid, I might think such things, in response to the idea of 'dimensions'. At the heart of Alice Munro's "Dimensions": a woman who is fundamentally altered, facing a 'new' future, slipping

“Dimensions” Alice Munro2017-07-25T11:23:59-05:00

Elizabeth Jolley: Spare Little Novels?


That's what the LA Times calls The Newspaper of Claremont Street: "Every word of this spare little novel is right." (You could say the same of Miss Peabody's Inheritance, which I read earlier this year; this is the only other of her novels on my shelf, so I'm not sure

Elizabeth Jolley: Spare Little Novels?2014-03-17T14:01:16-05:00

Farzana Doctor’s Stealing Nasreen (2007)


Farzana Doctor's Stealing Nasreen Inanna Publications, 2007 This debut novel opens with an introduction to Shaffiq, a member of the cleaning staff, working the night shift, pulling a photograph torn in two from the garbage can he is emptying. He is fascinated by "clues and curiosities", shares them with his

Farzana Doctor’s Stealing Nasreen (2007)2020-08-19T08:22:18-05:00
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