Adwoa Badoe’s Aluta (2016)


"I was never sure exactly what I wanted. I guess I wanted to be popular, and beautiful, and smart, and in love," Charlotte observes. Groundwood Books, 2016 She comes from Kibi, Eastern Region, Ghana, where some believe the women to be beautiful but cantankerous. Now Charlotte is eighteen years old,

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Partitions: Neverhome (2014) and Between Clay and Dust (2012)


Neverhome is set in the years of the American Civil War and narrated by a fledgling letter-writer. She has survived the conflict and adopted this strange chore of authoring. Little, Brown and Company, 2014 "When I’d eaten up my given share of a day I’d take up my pen

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Being a Good Girl


The word 'goodish' entered my vocabulary thanks to an observation that Carol Shields makes of two female friends in The Republic of Love. (General increased usage of -ish also ensued.) "They love the word ‘goodish,’ as in goodish sunsets, goodish travel bargains, goodish men." The title and cover of Suzanne Sutherland's When

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Priscila Uppal’s Projection (2013)


At twenty-eight years old, Priscila Uppal meets her mother in Brazil, twenty years after her mother has abandoned daughter-son-husband. Two decades later, their relationship is a complicated one between near-strangers. They spend twelve days together and the experience is shared in Projection within a framework of movie titles. This organizing

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Nadeem Aslam’s Season of the Rainbirds (1993)


His literary biography is impressive at-a-glance. Even this, his first novel, was longlisted for the Booker Prize. Maps for Lost Lovers won the Kiriyama Prize. And he's received a Lannan Literary Fellowship. 1993; Anchor Canada - Random House of Canada, 2013 For readers, these are indications of quality,

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