Mavis Gallant’s “The Deceptions of Marie-Blanche”


If the story were titled "Les Deceptions de Marie-Blanche", it might be translated as "The Disappointments of Marie-Blanche": an apt choice. San Francisco Earthquake, 1907 - Click for source details And, yet, as it stands, there is the added implication that Marie-Blanche has not only been disappointed by

Mavis Gallant’s “The Deceptions of Marie-Blanche”2017-03-26T11:05:36-05:00

Mavis Gallant’s “The Other Paris” (1956)


There is, about an hour's drive from Toronto, a small town called Paris, on the Grand River. I've visited it a couple of times and I have travelled through it, by train, countless times. Rarely, on one of those rail journeys, did I miss that broad curve of the tracks, the

Mavis Gallant’s “The Other Paris” (1956)2019-08-02T18:18:45-05:00
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