Mavis Gallant’s “In the Tunnel” (1970)


Having had such a difficult relationship with her mother, Mavis Gallant must have hoped for more from her father. But think of the separateness of the child and father in “Wing’s Chips” (a story with outward similarities to some of Gallant’s childhood experiences). And the outright conflict in “The Rejection”. She

Mavis Gallant’s “In the Tunnel” (1970)2018-08-27T12:36:30-05:00

Sally Mann’s Hold Still (2015)


Sally Mann's Hold Still is a photographer's memoir; although she has kept a journal since she was a girl, her love of imagery is deeply rooted, and it's hard to imagine her memoir taking any other form. Currently represented by the Gagosian Gallery, her CV is impressive and extensive, but

Sally Mann’s Hold Still (2015)2015-06-17T14:27:46-05:00
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