Mavis Gallant’s “The Rejection” (1969)


Mavis Gallant's childhood was not entirely happy. She was not loved as she needed to be loved. It was a painful time. It is difficult to set that awareness aside in reading "The Rejection", even though the story makes it difficult to determine who has been rejected and who

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Susan Philpott’s Blown Red (2015)


It begins with a body. And with short chapters, told from a variety of perspectives, guaranteed to create strong pacing. Blown Red is the first in the Signy Shepherd mysteries ,and it introduces readers to the series' star, as well as some of the other key personnel working on the Line. One stop on

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TGIF: In the workplace, on the page (1 of 4)


A new Friday fugue, running through this month, considering the ways in which our working lives appear on the pages of novels and short stories. Some of my favourite novels spend a good amount of time considering the good amount of time that we spend in our workplaces. Joshua Ferris'

TGIF: In the workplace, on the page (1 of 4)2015-06-25T13:31:37-05:00
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