Autumn 2017 In My Reading Log (Non-fiction and Not-quite-fiction)


In which there is talk of true stories and stories that fall between the cracks of imagined facts and probabilities. Kyo Maclear's Birds Art Life (2017) Arranged as though composed over a twelve-month period, this would seem to be the perfect book to read slowly, meditatively. To allow the pages

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December 2016, In My Bookbag


In which I discuss some of the skinny volumes which have kept me company while on the move, while heavier volumes (like Connie Willis' Crosstalk and Steven King's 11/22/1963) stayed home. Warsan Shire's chapbook is my skinniest book of the year. I finished reading it on a single commute, but

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December 2014: In My Reading Log


Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods (2014) Comprised of five long and two short works, these tales are peopled with losses and lonelinesses. Hues of red, black and white dominate the volume, with other colours used sparingly for contrast. Panel use is unpredictable, with images sometimes boxed but often sprawling and

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Reading Like A Country Cat


Ethel Wilson's Stories, Essays and Letters, Ed. David Stouck U of BC Press, 1987 If you are keenly interested in Ethel Wilson, you will definitely appreciate this volume, which does gather nine stories not published in her Mrs. Golightly collection, six essays, and selected correspondence from 1944 through 1974. And,

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Re-discovering Di Brandt’s prose


Di Brandt's So this is the World and here I am in it (2007) Imagine my excitement in picking up Di Brandt's So this is the world and here I am in it (2007) for the Women Unbound Reading Challenge and discovering that not only was one of my earlier

Re-discovering Di Brandt’s prose2014-07-11T15:58:43-05:00
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