Don Gillmor’s Mount Pleasant (2013)


You can imagine Harry Salter, the main character in Don Gillmor's second novel, nodding along with Murray. Random House Canada, 2013 Murray is actually a character in an Alice Munro story, looking back at his much-changed life, but the story is familiar. "Does it deserve to be called

Don Gillmor’s Mount Pleasant (2013)2014-05-13T15:44:03-05:00

Aifric Campbell’s On the Floor (2012)


This was one of the first Orange Prize nominees that I bought. Last year, two debut novels on the longlist made my personal shortlist. (Anna Peile's and Samantha Hunt's) Serpent's Tail, 2012 I had high hopes for this novel and, in many ways, I was rewarded for my

Aifric Campbell’s On the Floor (2012)2014-03-17T15:44:49-05:00
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