More in Anger: Delicate and Brutal


When readers meet Opal, the first of three narrators in J. Jill Robinson's More in Anger, she is stitching her wedding dress and veil. Thomas Allen & Son, 2012 "Every once in a while one of the ring's claws caught on the veil's netting, and Opal carefully released

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Weighted: The Imposter Bride


It is a basic human need.  “Our need to know where we come from, to connect it to who we are and where we’re going.” Harper Collins, 2012 Ruth becomes aware of this need, first, when she is six years old, but that is just the beginning. It

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Sigrid Undset’s Kristin Lavransdatter (1920-22)


Acts of violence and devotion, rape and worship, funerals and betrothals, love-scenes and convent-life, adultery and illness: this medieval saga has so many facets to it that I was not expecting. Not the least of which being that it gripped my attention more tightly than any of the contemporary novels

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On Being Cloned, Trapped and Lonely


B.I.P.'s Snips are short-hand responses to works; I usually opt for this format when I've read the book without taking many (or any) notes. Kate Wilhelm’s Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (1976) Read: Mostly over breakfast, home-baked muffins or bakery-bought rugelach with coffee, perched on a stool in the kitchen, mostly

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BHM: Octavia E. Butler


Beacon Press, 2003 (originally 1979) Dana is bookish; when we meet her in the opening pages of Kindred, she is unpacking books after a move. She is sorting the fiction into one of the bigger bookcases in the living room while Kevin finishes unpacking his office. But when

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