Shadow Giller: Michael Crummey’s The Innocents (2019)


In the generation before my own, Newfoundland became a province in the nation currently called Canada. It’s about 3,000 km away from me, but it feels like a world apart. For me, as a reader, Michael Crummey’s The Innocents (2019) makes it seem both farther away and closer. Historical

Shadow Giller: Michael Crummey’s The Innocents (2019)2019-10-21T13:49:20-05:00

Tanya Tagaq’s Split Tooth (2018)


In Short presents a 300-word and spoiler-free summary, intended to have a broad appeal; In Detail focuses on one aspect of the book which I found remarkable, which might interest those who have already read the book or those with an interest in the mechanics of writing; In Other

Tanya Tagaq’s Split Tooth (2018)2019-10-22T12:24:10-05:00
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