Mavis Gallant’s “Kingdom Come”


If only Dr. Dominic Missierna could arrange for a weekly dinner with Charles Filandreux (from “Siegfried’s Memoirs” in Coming Ashore) and Henri Grippes (from “A Painful Affair” in Overhead in a Balloom). Every year weighs heavily on these men, even though the time seems to have passed too quickly

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The Ransom Riggs’ Trilogy


With a lengthy TBR, it's sometimes difficult to finish reading a series: this year, with trilogies, I am exercising my completion muscles. Earlier this year, I went back and reread the initial volume of Margaret Drabble's Thatcher trilogy and Judith Kerr's Out of the Hitler Time trilogy, and then finished the other

The Ransom Riggs’ Trilogy2016-10-18T10:35:36-05:00

Nancy Lee’s The Age (2014)


Do you hear it when you look at the cover of Nancy Lee’s debut novel? Cue the music: “This is the dawning of….” The Age. It is an unusual title which manages to feel both like a fragment and an expansive concept. If readers do think of the song from

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Carolyn Abraham’s The Juggler’s Children (2013)


Less than a penny. That's how much it costs to read a single letter of DNA. Between 2000 and 2003, the cost fell from $1.50 to less than a single cent. "Suddenly DNA was mass-market." Random House Canada, 2013 Carolyn Abraham hadn't been saving her pennies for this

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